So it might be a little early in my blogger life to bring up my husband’s cancer, but if I’m going to be honest, cancer is what I think about 90% of the time so it’s going to pop up in here from time to time.

My husband was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma in August and I have been dreading seeing this movie since the first time I saw the preview. I knew I HAD to see it, but I also knew that I couldn’t see it before I was ready. Justin watched it a couple weeks ago after his chemo treatment and said it was hilarious and amazing so I figured it was safe. This morning was my first opportunity to actually sit down and watch, so I pushed aside my apprehensions and pushed play. 

I am about an hour and a half in and I have to say this movie is extremely real, raw and emotional. Recently I have been seeing “cancer” in the media as jokes, lame story lines and something that hollywood uses as an indication of drama. This. This Movie is what cancer is. It really lets you see into the world of someone with cancer – it helped me understand a little bit more of what my husband is going through and instead of making me feel awful it encouraged me to continue the fight along side Justin (not that ANYTHING could ever convince me otherwise). 

The level of acting in this movie is the best I’ve ever seen, Anna Kendrick is stellar! I didn’t realize she was in the movie until I watched the On Demand preview, I was expecting to love Seth Rogen like always (which I did) but Anna Kendrick was quite inspiring. I’ve been a fan of hers since the first Twilight Movie and I have to say, she was the only interesting thing in Breaking Dawn but I’m sure I’ll whine more about that later. 

So, if you’re holding out on seeing 50/50 – Don’t! It’s great, emotional but inspiring all at the same time. If I can make it through it while feeling inspired and not like all hope in the world is lost – you can too!

Who else has seen 50/50? What did you think?

What other movies have just completely surprised you? Inspired you?

Who’s your favorite actor/actress? Why?

Happy Saturday!
xo Em

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