Cold Feet and Crock Pot Pork Chops

Michigan officially has the craziest weather, ever! Yesterday it was about 45 degrees – I didn’t wear my coat for most of the day and actually had to open a window in the office because it was too hot in there. Today it was chilly but not too bad in the wee hours of the morning, but it started snowing like crazy around 9am…just enough to make it slippery, slushy and wet. Now, as I look out our window I see ZERO snow. Kind of irritating considering I wore my ballet flats today and ended up with soaking wet feet for about five hours and then snow decides to melt as soon as I get home and don’t have to bother with it. BAH!

So I’m all snuggled up at home now, in the lazy-boy under my favorite purple blanket with dinner in the crock pot, catching up on the DVR with the hubs. I have to admit, I feel super strange not being at work (and hesitate to admit that I’ve been on my work e-mail all afternoon even though I got off work at 2p) but I am enjoying my afternoon off with Justin, who had his fourth chemotherapy treatment this morning. Looks like the drugs are kicking in since he’s eating us out of house and home – in the last three hours he has consumed lunch, a bowl of chili and a bag of popcorn. THIS is why they say you gain weight while going through CHOP chemotherapy, haha.

Has anyone else seen this commercial? I think it’s hilarious!!

I plan on updating with more substantial things soon, but thought I would brag about my cozy afternoon 😉 Also, if this new pork chop recipe turns out well, I plan on completely bragging about that later too!
xo Em.

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