Goals – Tiny and Tremendous (and everywhere in between)

We all have them – sometimes they’re little goals like making it through the day without drinking pop (ok, that might be a tremendous goal for some, mainly me and my good friend diet coke) or they can be huge and include major life changes. Unfortunately, I think a lot of the time we tend to set negative goals for ourselves by taking something away from our lives and we rarely look for positive goals, especially when looking at small goals. I also think we are so incredibly hard on ourselves for not successfully reaching our goals – why not celebrate the time and effort you put into your goals and adapting your expectations to set yourself up for success?

In the spirit of tiny and tremendous goals, I thought I would share some of mine with you in the hopes that you will also share some of yours (SERIOUSLY people, share stuff with me so I don’t feel like I’m talking to myself. Please and Thank You :))

I am an organizational junkie so my first goal, while tiny, is going to bring me A LOT of relief, happiness and calmness – I plan on cleaning out my purse before going to bed tonight. I have a rather large purse and I tend to just shove things in there and that has resulted in about six birthday cards (my birthday was about two months ago, btw), old receipts, about four mini bottles of hand sanitizers, etc. Who knows what I might find in there – maybe I’m a millionaire and don’t know it 😉

This next goal is a little bit on the tremendous side because it requires me to wake up a little earlier and put in more effort in the morning – I am going to start making my own breakfast at home. For months I have been picking up breakfast on the way to work (along with a giant, cold, diet coke…soooo good) and not only is that incredibly unhealthy, it’s also ridiculously expensive. If you’re spending about $4 a morning, 5 days a week that’s $20 a week on breakfast when I already have bagels, cereal, carnation instant breakfast and eggs at home…what a waste!! So far this week, I have been successful and have even brought my lunch to work both yesterday and today – I must admit, it’s nice to know I’m saving money and not wasting the food I already bought from the store. Score!!

Now, a super duper tremendous goal of mine is to save enough money to buy a house. We are so over living in an apartment and really need more space but have been screwed several times in the home purchasing department and pretty much have to start over again…in a couple years. With everything going on in our lives right now we are extremely thankful for not being stuck with a mortgage, but boy, would we love to have a house right now. Can someone just deposit a couple hundred thousand dollars in my bank account? kthanks.

These are just a couple of my goals and I’m sure I’ll post more but for now I’m going to try and work on my tiny, kinda tremendous and totally tremendous goals.

Tell me about your goals!

xo Em

6 thoughts on “Goals – Tiny and Tremendous (and everywhere in between)

  1. My tremendous goal: appreciate the things/people in my life more often. I seem to focus a lot on what I don't have instead of being thankful for what I do have. My in between goal: continue with my eating healthy kick, I've been doing well but normally don't stick with it.My small goal: spend more time on my hair. I want cute hair.


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