Three Things I Think You Should Do

Hey people!  (If there’s actually people reading this)

1. Read the Hunger Games: I have been slightly MIA lately as it concerns this little blog here… BUT I have a good reason. I have been totally engrossed in the Hunger Games series! It takes a lot for a book to hold my attention and actually keep me hooked like this and honestly I am enjoying more than I did the Twilight series. (insert appalling gasp here) I love the story line, the romance and the fact that there is a movie coming out next week!! I have to say though that I am slightly nervous about seeing the movie because I have a feeling it might disappoint when compared to the book…they always do. I’m hoping that I can drag my sister to the movie since she has yet to read the book so I can see what her perspective is on the film without reading the book… I told her I would prepare discussion questions for afterward but she didn’t seem too into it 🙂

2. Stop drinking pop, soda or whatever you want to call it: So in addition to reading the Hunger Games, I have been trying to do little things that make me laugh and keep me happy lately. It’s going over pretty well if I do say so myself. I gave up drinking all pop, which was a lot harder then I thought it would be, but honestly, I feel a lot better and have saved some money by not buying diet coke everyday. So if you need a sponsor for your diet coke addiction – hit me up!

3. Be nice to people: I really can’t believe how rude people are to each other. When did it become okay to treat other people like crap? Everyone needs to slow down, take a breath realize that EVERYONE has stuff going on in their lives that distracts them, frustrates them, is depressing or makes them late for work. None of these things are a reason or excuse to treat those around you like they don’t matter. Instead of blowing up, take a moment and think of the 10,000 things that might be going on in that persons life that might make them a little less than perfect.

Here’s an extra one for you:
4. Comment on Emily’s blog so she feels like people are out there. Kthanks!

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