Mega Millions for Mega Dreams

Wow, Worst Blogger Ever Award? Yep – goes to me!

Sorry for being MIA lately, if anyone actually noticed the absence of my obnoxious posting. Although it sounds like an excuse, my crazy busy job and life have kind of taken over lately and to be frank, I really was having trouble coming up with ideas for good blog topics. I don’t want to keep writing about cancer, tv shows, my boring life or other things that just aren’t that exciting or thought provoking. But, over the past few days I have been thinking about something and figured I would share in the hopes that you will share with me as well.

So unless you’ve been living under a rock this week you know that the Mega Millions lottery is close to $600 Million. Holy crap, right!?! While everyone’s instinct is to go out and buy a bunch of lottery tickets, mine is to constantly day dream about what I would do with the money. For me the fun of pretending and imagining what that money could do far outweighs the waste of money, hope and disappointment that comes with buying a losing lottery ticket (a little pessimistic? maybe…). An amount of money of that caliber can do so much and fill so many dreams. A few blog posts ago I talked about goals. Now, I’m talking about DREAMS. Dreams are things that you would love to do, but may not be the most practical or obtainable. So while I have been living in a day dream land of paid off student loans, fancy houses and wonderful vacations one of my life-long dreams keeps floating into the forefront. My dream of owning my own non-profit organization keeps coming up and I am constantly wondering how much of a “dream” this is and how much of a “goal” it could become.

As someone who already works in the non-profit world I know what how much the right programming, staff and passion can help those in need but that means I also know how hard this mission can be. We all know our state is not in the best position, we have children dropping out of school, not having food in the bellies, no heat in the winter, men and women living on the streets, people struggling to find work or even hold onto the work they already have. It seems extremely daunting and incredibly sad that there is all this need around us and very little resources to fulfill it. I guess that’s another part of my dream, helping and putting an end to something that is plaguing our communities… maybe I should buy a Mega Millions ticket after all 🙂

So, now that you know one of my biggest dreams, I want to know yours.

If you were to win the $600 Million tonight – what would you do with it?

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