The Silver Lining: When did this "Glee" thing start?

Ok, so I’m being a little sarcastic. I clearly realize the show Glee has been around for a few years, but I never took the time to pay attention and frankly it annoyed me a little bit. But somehow I managed watching episodes of Glee until 1am last night and ::insert tiny whisper voice:: oh, yeah, it’s on right now…

So how did I end up watching Glee until 1am you ask? It is all a result of one thing: tequila. No, I was drinking when I was watching but I was hungover like a crazy person and couldn’t sleep anymore and the only thing I could find to watch was Glee. I realize that’s not a very good story but it’s really the silver lining in the worst hangover of my life. And now after a day of eating nothing but crackers, pretzels and bananas I am ready to spend a day lounging, eating something yummy (like mac and cheese, food of the gods – if you get that reference I love you) and watching Glee.

Although being hungover is stupid and sucks, the celebration that caused this stupid day was completely worth it. Justin finished his last round of chemotherapy at the beginning of the month and had his birthday this week so we went to our favorite spot with some friends and family to celebrate the two milestones that hit us this month. So even though I had a rough day yesterday, there were several layers of silver lining from the last few days:

1. My husband, after seven months, is finally done with chemotherapy
2. He got to celebrate his birthday instead of starting a new round of chemo.
3. I had a great night with some friends and family
4. I found Glee

I guess the corny message of this blog post is to look for the silver lining and sometimes you can’t see it until you’re through the thick of it – so hang tough through the bad times and look for the positivity to come.

I’m off to make some mac and cheese (yes, I realize it’s not even 11am but it’s Saturday) 🙂

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