Dear Jacqui,

So… a little birdy told me that I should update my blog so I figured maybe today’s the day.

I’m still not convinced that anyone actually reads it, but you could prove me wrong 😉

Honestly, my life went from super stressful to winding back down toward normal and I think I’ve been taking advantage of any opportunity I can to just literally do nothing. I’m not joking, I spent quite a bit of time not doing anything and it felt GREAT!

I don’t want to make this a super random post, but if it turns out that way, I apologize! I am completely and sincerely grateful for some people in my life, they helped keep me sane when the rest of the world seemed to be scheming in some big cosmic joke. No matter where I went I had someone to keep me laughing, positive, calm and pushed me to keep things going. If you think you might be one of those people you most likely are. Unless…you’re not. HA! I couldn’t help myself.

The biggest thing going on in my life right now is waiting. Sounds kind of crazy, but when you’re waiting for information it seems like you have nothing else to but think about how long you’ve been waiting. Thankfully Justin finished his chemotherapy treatments in April and has gotten through a second bone marrow aspiration and PET scan and now we’re just waiting to hear if everything worked. In the mean time we’re living life and planning our big road trip to Texas in July.

So I guess this edition of Still Standing ended up being a little more random then I would have liked, but it’s something. You’ll have to keep me inspired to keep posting.


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