Progress Report

Welp, apparently it’s 2004 again because I slept in until 12pm this afternoon which is absolutely INSANE! There is no reason for it – I didn’t go to bed late last night, I slept just fine, I just kept sleeping until about noon and had I not gasped in shock when I looked at the clock (yes, that rhymed…) I might have fallen back asleep for a little longer. 

Now, before you all band together and start throwing eggs at my apartment – I am going to tell you some of the down side of this whole “staycation” thing. First of all I want to start by saying that I love and adore my husband and we’ve had a lot of fun together over the last few days but with that said, you can only hang out with each other for so long before you need to spend time with other people. Here’s the catch: everyone else has to work! So you’re stuck making plans for the evening and the day kind of gets lost inside or with errands – ie: sleeping until noon today. I’ve accomplished a couple things on my Summer To-Do List, as well as some other things that I didn’t add but here’s my progress thus far:

Borrow books from the library (instead of spending $ for e-books) – Going this afternoon or tomorrow
Go to the Plymouth Farmers Market (Sat mornings) and ACTUALLY buy produce!
Use our free tickets to the Henry Ford Museum
Go to Kensington Park
Do a bike riding trip
Take pictures and get them printed — In progress
Make some pages in my Smash Book
Purge some of the stuff still in boxes from when we moved TWO YEARS AGO!
Have my parents over for dinner 

I’ve decided to to take the “Take Pictures and Get them Printed” goal to another level by learning more about my camera and how to use it manually to take better pictures. I’ve already found some awesome blog posts that explain the different functions (aperture, fstop, depth of field, etc) but the hardest part has been trying to figure out how to make those functions work on my camera…it’s a work in progress and hopefully I’ll be posting some awesome pictures soon!

That’s all for now – Thanks for reading,

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