Quickie Post

I had a couple things that I’ve been wanting to post and figured since I have only 20 minutes on my laptop battery I would start a “Quickie Post” segment of my blog where I can just throw a couple random things at you that I think you should check out. Here are my current Quickies:

1. I made delicious shredded chicken tacos for dinner tonight – if you’re a friend on facebook you’ve already seen the post so sorry for the duplication but I cannot rave enough about this incredibly easy recipe. I neglected to take a picture of dinner tonight, but here is the link to the original blog post. I used 3 frozen chicken breast instead of 6 and let it cook on low for 8 hours and it turned out juicy, tender and delicious! With the 3 chicken breasts we had enough chicken for us each to have a taco for dinner, gave 2 tacos worth to my dad and enough for 4-6 more tacos for lunch/leftovers. I cannot recommend this recipe enough. Try it!

2. I wanted to call out some blogs that I am currently following that have some great stuff happening:
Bethany Joy Lenz is an actress, Mom, philanthropist and lover of all things cool, I enjoy reading her blog and she is one of the reasons I decided to start my own blog 🙂

– My cousin Sarah and her friend Erin write about their estate sale adventures on their blog Dig This Treasure. I have the RSS feed on my phone and like to read 4-5 posts at a time when I can’t sleep or am bored. I ALWAYS manage to chuckle at their adventures and antics.

All the Small Things is a new blog that I have started following and I am slightly obsessed. She has all kinds of crafty and girly things going on and the simple fact that she taught me how to cut my own bangs makes her a rock star in my book.

And there you have it – my quickie post. Only 3 more minutes of battery life left so I’m off.

2 thoughts on “Quickie Post

  1. Sure thing! I love your blog – caught up on it last night actually. I almost woke Justin up because I was laughing as I read from my phone at 12:30a last night 🙂


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