Productive Procrastinator

Usually I can be quite the procrastinator, I work much better under pressure. I seem to think faster, am more logical and focused when I’m working in the eleventh hour. In elementary school I was the kid who on Sunday night says “Hey, Dad, I have I have a science project due tomorrow…I need poster board, paint and 10 facts about Wisconsin.” Yes, that really happened. So now that you all think I am completely lazy and would make an awful employee let’s talk about being productive. 
Ever have a day where you leave work or school and feel like you have accomplished every little thing you set out to do and feeling awesome? I had one of those days today. I had a to-do list and each and every thing on it was crossed off all before the stroke of 5pm. I have a big training to do in the morning with over 60 people expected in a room that isn’t one of our normal training sites. These 60 people are also being mandated by their employer to attend 8 hours of training tomorrow so I’m sure 8am will really be amazing for them (sarcasm intended). But I am pretty sure I covered all of my bases and managed to get all my prep work done this afternoon with a little time left over to get my tedious every day task done before leaving for the day. It felt awesome!
So, I pose a question: How can one self-proclaimed procrastinator get such satisfaction out of getting things done early? Seems a little hypocritical, doesn’t it?
I’m not sure if I’ll ever give up on some of my procrastinating ways, maybe only when it comes to stupid tedious things. What stupid tedious things do I hate doing, you ask? Well I’ll tell you!
1. Browning ground beef – I did this for dinner tonight and it was painfully boring and takes too long
2. Shaving my legs – why do girls over 13 have leg hair anyway?
3. Blow drying my hair – ugh…I hate blow drying my hair
4. Putting away groceries
5. Matching up socks – they all end up in a drawer and we find the match before we put them on.
I’m sure I could think of more but then that would just be me complaining. So, what are the stupid tedious things you hate doing?
Tomorrow I plan on blogging as I watch the last episode of “Teen Mom” with the original cast. I realize it’s on tonight but I’ll be DVRing it so I can catch up on some sleep before tomorrow’s big training. So stay tuned if you’re a “Teen Mom” fan!
Good night, Em

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