Teen Mom Series Finale

So, last week I told you I was going to blog while watching the Teen Mom series finale – but while I was watching the hour and a half episode, I found that there was no way to organize a post like that in a way where you would understand what was going on unless you were watching with me. So, although I never posted a play-by-play of the episode, I thought I could still post about Teen Mom as a whole.
I have been watching these young ladies since they were on the first season of 16 & Pregnant and have been following their stories in the media as well. For the most part I have had a positive opinion of the show, but after watching the last episode and possibly the last couple of season I’m not so sure what I think anymore. 
I do, however, have a very specific positive or negative view on each of the ladies on the show:
Catelynn – I love! She was mature, thoughtful and undeniably selfless when she decided to give up her baby for adoption and since has taken responsibility for her younger brother in order to provide a stable home for him (or so I have read in the press recently).
Amber – She infuriates me. The father of her daughter infuriates me and they both have from the very beginning. Their poor daughter, Leah, is constantly stuck in the middle of their violent fighting and even as a baby was left (from what I could tell) unattended and was pretty much ignored. But, again, this is just what I see from the show so I have no actual idea about what happens when cameras aren’t rolling.
Maci – I really like Maci, she seems to have a good idea of what she has to do to be a good parent and puts Bentley first. I go back and forth with Ryan. I hate that he is constantly trying to scheme against Maci and calls her names in front of Bentley but in the last episode it was nice to see him having fun with Bentley and his family. I am always rooting for Maci, she works hard to provide a family and home for her son.
Farrah – Ugh. Farrah. She is so incredibly self-centered and blows up without any reason on a regular basis. The fact that she gave her daughter to her mother for a month just made no sense to me. She made the choice to move across the country where she knows no one and then when her toddler got a little restless after being ignored she sends her away. What a great way to take responsibility for your child. I do, however root for Farrah. I hope she is successful in school and has a great life with Sophia.
I am still deciding whether I think the show was a positive thing or not. I think it caused a lot more drama than necessary and probably escalated problems that might not have been there otherwise, but for people like Catelynn, Tyler and Maci I think it helped them provide for themselves so they could accomplish their goals. I think Cateylnn and Tyler will make amazing social workers (coming from someone in the field) and Maci will continue to make the right choices for her family and be successful in whatever she chooses to do in the future.
In the case of Amber – I think the show did nothing but provide a microscope onto a problem that might not be there otherwise. This could be a good thing or a bad thing: If there is in fact a problem, it’s good that the proper course of action is taking place when it comes to the child, but if the press and show are escalating the situation, it’s not necessarily a positive situation for anyone involved, including MTV. 
Farrah is a toss up – I hope that seeing herself on the show makes her realize how unreasonable and selfish she can be and how incredibly rude she is to people, especially her parents. I am still so confused as to why she calls her dad, Michael…
So there you have it: a very undefined look at what I got from the show Teen Mom. 
What do you think about the show or the ladies?
I haven’t watched other seasons, but tell me about those!

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