20 Questions: Sisterly Love

I was given a rare gift today – I was able to spend just about the entire day with my younger sister, Laura. I know I mentioned writing about Good to Great by Jim Collins this weekend, but I am going to put that post on hold for a couple of days so I can share a little bit about Laura.

One of my favorite blogs, Wish You Were Here, by Bethany Joy Lenz (here) has a segment called 20 Questions where she interviews her friends and family with the same set of questions each time. I have decided to use the same method to introduce you to some of the important people in my life as well.

When I was four years old I went from being an only child to being part of a set! Even though I had wished for an OLDER brother, I was quite enamored with the little bundle my parents brought home (are you sick of that story yet, Laura?). Now, half way through her twenties, Laura is my best friend and a hilarious, gorgeous, crazy young woman who has as much respect and love for animals as she does for humans. She’s pretty freaking awesome and here are her answers to 20 random questions:

1. What is your passion? Helping Animals

2. What was your first job? A cashier at Larry’s Foodland

3. If you were given $1,000,000 what would you buy first? I would pay off my student loans and pay back any money I’ve borrowed from my parents.

4. What is your dream vacation? Greece.

5. What is your creative outlet? Music

6. Biggest Pet Peeve? Bad customer service 

7. Favorite writing utensil? Fine Point Sharpies

8. Favorite vacation spot? Mullet Lake, Indian River, MI

9. Favorite book? Not sure I have a favorite book.

10. What did you want to be when you “grew up”? A veterinarian

11. What is your happy place? At home cuddling with my cats

12. Ideal Day “Off”? Depends on my mood, sometimes I want to just stay in my pajamas and sometimes I want to be outside. Just depends.

13. If you weren’t a vet tech, what would you want to do? Graphic design or something else in the art field.

14. Favorite smell? Fresh Northern Michigan Air

15.  Do you remember your dreams? Some I remember for a few seconds before they disappear. 

16. What advice would you give? It’s never too late to do what you want to do.

17. Favorite Food? Pizza or cheesy potatoes

18. What is your fondest memory? Vacations in Northern Michigan

19. Least Favorite Chore? Laundry

20. Something you would buy no matter the expense? Makeup. I will always buy makeup.


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