Oh, Hello Friend!

In case you’re unaware, or are slightly less enthusiastic than I am, today is OCTOBER 1st!!

October is my absolute favorite month of the year for so many reasons and since I had a less than favorable end to September yesterday I am determined to make the most of the start of October. So before I share all of the fabulous things I love about fall, I’m going to share a little bit about how much September 30th was dumb.

At some point last week I managed to break my glasses, which usually is not a huge deal, however this particular pair is over 2 years old and this is about the 4th time they have broken which put them out of commission. While, I can still see for the most part without them, the act of forcing my eyes to focus causes quite a bit of frustration and that coupled with the fuzziness causes headaches. The first few days weren’t bad and then I decided to superglue the glasses back together. This worked for about a day. So I superglued them again, that time it worked for about 8 hours. So I superglued them again, that one lasted about 2 hours. I am now at the point where there is too much old superglue around the lens for it to fit back together. But that’s okay, this time they broke at the eye doctor. Which is what I thought…except while at the eye doctor they couldn’t figure out my vision coverage and I had to walk away paying for my exam out-of-pocket and not able to order new glasses. This alone is not a huge problem, however all of the messing around with my eyes and the lack of wearable glasses made for a huge headache before I even pulled into the parking lot at work. The lack of glasses, money out of bank account, insurance puzzle to solve, headache and a parade of irritating e-mails at work just put me in a complete funk for the entire day. I ended up crying twice for absolutely no reason, which also brings me to the conclusion that I am also nuts.

After a quick cat nap, a change of outfit and a short drive my day started to lift as I met my mom, sister, aunt and grandma at Olive Garden to celebrate my Grandma’s 83rd birthday. It was great to see my family and even though Olive Garden stopped my favorite dish, I was able to try something new that I loved so put that one in the win column.

So, as I watch yesterday’s episode of Ellen with Justin Timberlake and download his new album on my phone (watch out if you’ll be around me at work today, we will have a JT soundtrack to our day), I am going to share a few of my favorite things about October!

October is…

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – my paternal grandma had breast cancer twice while she was alive, once before I was old enough to even know, I’m not even sure if I was alive and a second time that was found less than a year before she passed. She passed away on May 1st of this year at the age of 93 and as I walk through stores in the month of October, seeing all of the pink on just about everything I feel like it’s an opportunity to honor her and all of the other women across the world who have fought and survived or fought and lost the battle of this horrible disease. If you have the opportunity to purchase something in “pink” version this month, do it. Support the fight!

Cooler – Literally. I absolutely love the cooler weather and everything it brings with it: scarves, colorful leaves, mums, open windows, cute sweaters and closed toe shoes, hoodies, pumpkins, better hair days, jeans, darker colors…I LOVE IT ALL!

Apples – I love apples, specifically Michigan Honeycrisp apples that only come out in early fall – by the middle of October, they’re gone.

Hockey – The NHL Season officially starts in October, games are now the road toward the post-season. Go Wings!

Just Plain Wonderful. End of story.

I am determined to make today a better day than yesterday, which I am already off to a good start considering the following:

  1. It’s October!
  2. I chopped about an inch off my own hair and it looks pretty good! (can you say cheap!?)
  3. I started my morning off watching the all Justin Timberlake episode of Ellen
  4. I have some new music to listen to (JT)
  5. Spending some time with my family last night was refreshing

Happy October!

One thought on “Oh, Hello Friend!

  1. I know the problem of glasses breaking! Omg it’s awful😱! Mine have broken and I’ve had to glue, tape, and everything! It make you feel so handicap!

    Liked by 1 person

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