In April I made a commitment to myself that I would make an effort to live a healthier lifestyle. I wrote about it (here). I have gone back and forth over the last 6 years between making an effort, not thinking about it in the slightest and, most recently, going full force with different challenges to keep myself motivated through the process, boredom and plateaus. April kicked off my #100HealthDays, May I set a goal to walk or bike 30 miles in 30 days and, in June I stepped up (pun intended) my game and did #100MilesInJune and then in July vacations happened.

I can’t blame my vacations as a reason why I stepped back and lost focus, I had more than enough opportunities to walk and make healthy choices but I didn’t. Top it all off with some increased stress at work and I’ve been lost in healthy limbo for the last three weeks. After countless self-inflicted guilt trips throughout on my day today I decided that I needed to reignite my excitement and routine. Get back in the saddle, if you will. I am determined to finish my 100 miles for July and after riding my bike for 8 miles this evening I decided to re-start my 21 day arm challenge and get organized!

Starting today I will be doing a second round of #100HealthyDays and the 21 Day Arm Challenge but instead of daily posts I think I am going to stick to weekly blog posts or Facebook posts. Inundating your news feed with my annoying posts was never my intention and in about a year I will get a taste of my own medicine when my Timehop starts throwing each of them back at me on a daily basis. Hopefully I will have continued my commitment or that will be some special kind of torture.

I intend to hold myself accountable by posting a weekly progress report for Sunday-Saturday. Since I started most of my reboot today you’ll have to wait until next week for today’s fun.

Progress Report: Sunday, July 19 – Saturday, July 26


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