On Sundays We Wear Pajamas

Congratulations Sunday, you’ve moved up in the ranks. My seething hatred for everything about you has subsided and I have found a way to love you once again!

I am a creature of habit. I need structure and consistency in my life, which, I imagine, isn’t that novel of a concept. Sundays used to represent “the day before” going back to reality- a fast forward end to your weekend that never holds the same sanctuary that Saturday brought front and center. Somehow, over the last few months I have had the opportunity to create my own routine on Sundays, a routine that is so wonderfully lazy that it has brought me comfort and helped me prepare for the week ahead.

Saturdays are filled with family, if Justin is not working we make the time to spend part of the day together, sometimes that means we just fall back asleep in the living room shortly after waking up, other times that means a delicious breakfast of eggs on toast followed with hours of movies or our favorite TV shows and sometimes that means we have some time on our own before coming together for dinner with my parents. Saturdays are for us.

Sundays are usually for me. I put on an (almost) acceptable version of my pajamas, make myself a cup of coffee and go through my line up of preparing for the week while getting my fill of news and guilty pleasure TV. With my small coffee mug full of Gevalia cappuccino I grab my recipe notebook and sit down to watch Meet the Press while making my grocery list for the week. I enjoy Meet the Press, Chuck Todd has the ability to bring you all of the pertinent information regarding politics and what’s happening in Washington in an engaging and interesting way – the round table portion of the show is my favorite. I’m a sucker for engaging conversations with opposing viewpoints, that’s how democracy is supposed to work! Meet the Press feeds my inner political nerd and makes me feel like I’ve accomplished some geniusness on a Sunday morning. In an effort to keep the ball bouncing between something to feed my brain and something to feed my soul, I move from politics to a couple of hours of In the Kitchen with David on QVC. Rarely do I actually purchase anything from the show, but it helps spark my food planning for the week and fosters my creativity in continuing my grocery list. One thing that I’ve noticed about these two choices is that both shows are live and have consistent hosts with a rotating list of guests. It makes me feel useful with my time, there are things to learn from the new people each week, I’m not just sitting on the couch watching endless episodes on Netflix. Don’t worry though, that comes later. When I’ve had my fill of my second nerdy routine of the day I typically put on my manager hat and start putting together my to-do list for the week and get a jump on it by writing my weekly e-mail to my team, putting together the agenda for our Monday meeting and looking at my calendar. Going through this routine makes me feel accomplished, informed, and prepared to start my week. The rest of my day varies, but it ranges from load after load of laundry to napping to prepping lunches for the week.


To some my Sundays are lazy, nerdy and just plain silly. That’s fine. For me, my Sundays are the recharge. The day when I get to be quiet and prepare for the week ahead. When I’m with my team on Monday morning sharing the details of our weekend, I rarely have anything exciting to share, and to me, that’s making Sunday one of my favorite days of the week.

No expectations, no schedule, just me and my house full of animals getting nerdy.

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