High Five for Friday: My Week in Awesomeness

Friday is my favorite day of the week. Not even my lazy Sunday can beat out a Friday. It just made sense to me that I would use Friday to put on my positive (blogger) pants and round-up the awesomeness from the week.


  1. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve made some strides in creating structure in this blog and being more purposeful in my writing. Part of what made that possible was my new EPIC BLOG One-Year Editorial Planner. I ran across a post on Instagram about it and found it on  Amazon. I’m not established enough to use all of it’s features but it gave me a great structure to get planning and thinking.
  2. Mondays are team meeting days. I meet with my team for two hours in the morning and my boss pulls together her team for an hour in the afternoon. For the first time in a while BOTH of these meetings left me feeling energized and excited about what lays ahead for my program. It’s been a rough road, but we’ve got some momentum toward some awesomeness!
  3. I read in TIME Magazine this week that washing the dishes can help to relieve stress. I never really thought about it before but, it does. Focusing on cleaning the mess allows me to not focus on anything else. I even brought this up while chatting with my dad and he agreed. “I just plug in my headphones, look out the window and wash!”
  4. Justin and I have been working on teaching Bruno (our 8 month old lab/pit puppy) different tricks. He can sit, stay, shake, lay down, go to bed, go to his crate, close cupboard doors, leave it (sometimes…), come when called (sometimes…), and as of this week he can roll over! I’m bragging as I am the one who taught him that trick. Although, now when we wants some love, he starts rolling all over the floor. Not really what we had in mind!
  5. This was a great week for my blog! I posted 5 times, had over 70 views, reached 3 countries, and managed to create some structure! 


What’s the little awesomeness that filled your week? Here’s to a fun, relaxing, and productive weekend!

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