My Latest Netflix Binge

If humans and online streaming services could get married, and if I wasn’t already taken by my own human husband, I would marry Netflix. As someone who has a love for television and really, a distaste for movies, Netflix was made for me. For $8.99 a month, I have unlimited access to series after series that I can endlessly stream while I go about my daily tasks. Just me, my iPad, and the dishes, folding laundry, snoozing on the couch, or whatever else floats into my day. I wrote all about my preference for television over movies in my review of The Fault in Our Stars, here. So, if you’re interested in the reasoning behind my love for the boob tube over the big screen, check that out.

I particularly love to connect with characters, and a television series allows for me to do that for a much longer timeframe. Netflix takes that further by allowing me to do that as many times as I want. With this theory in mind, I tend to watch the same shows on a loop based on my overall interest and brain power I have to dedicate to watching. One of my absolute favorites is The West Wing.


An incredibly intelligent, funny, and charismatic series about what life is like in the most important office in the world. I honestly don’t remember the reason I decided to start watching The West Wing, I had stumbled upon it while scrolling through my Netflix options and remember my mom telling me she had a friend that loved it so I bit. While, in 2013 the style, technology, and some references are a little outdated, this show remains relevant and interesting.  This is one of the only shows that I can watch from the opening scene, where Sam is having drinks with a journalist, to the closing scene with the airplane soaring through the blue sky without boredom or hesitation.

I, obviously, missed the series the first time around, I just wasn’t of the age where it wasbutterball_TWW
something even on my radar. Part of what’s fun about being a part of this new wave of followers and fans is that all of the jokes, tweets, articles, memes, etc. are new for me and BOY are there a lot of them out there. While my abundance of West Wing virtual swag makes my heart happy, I am a little bummed that I wasn’t a part of it as it was gaining momentum. I do, however, remember hearing the show’s theme song during various award shows that I would watch as a youngster! The show won over 37 awards throughout the years, afterall! (According to the google machine)

I’m on my, at least, fifth time watching the series and I still find myself laughing, smiling, thinking, and using the storylines that happen in the show to help me calibrate this crazy 2016 presidential race in my mind. There isn’t anything that I don’t appreciate about this show. My only negative view is that it ended too soon, and that I can’t vote for Josiah Bartlett in November.



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