The New Normal: Waiting. 

“We are going to have you wait here, ma’am.”

It’s not very often when I am asked to stay behind in a waiting room while Justin goes in for a test or procedure. However, when it happens, I hate it. 

I’m not sure if it’s a control thing, which let’s face it, is entirely possible but I know it’s most certainly a selfish thing. 

I want to be in the room.

I want to hear what the doctors say. 

I want to keep and eye on my husband. 

I want to know what’s going on. 

One of the things I love about the University of Michigan’s Cancer Center is that it takes into account that most patients come with a person. The hematologist talks to both of us and specifically asks me if I have any questions. I am comfortable in the Cancer Center. When we branch out into the rest of the hospital is when I start to get anxious. I’m just an extra body beyond the Cancer Center doors. I have very few complaints about the University Health System, I am very confident in their ability to provide excellent care for Justin. Over the years I have just come to realize the vast differences between being a Cancer Center patient and being a hospital patient. It makes me sad. Not sad for me or even for Justin, but for the people that only know that side of healthcare. 

I am getting dangerously close to promoting people getting cancer just to get the exceptional care that is provided. Don’t misinterpret that, the Cancer Center is full enough. 

So, here I sit in the packed radiology waiting room, about a football field away from the Cancer Center. Somewhere beyond those doors is my husband, I guess I’ll just have to wait for our 40 minute ride home to hear about what his morning was like. Either way, I will be thankful that we are here and we have experts doing what they do best. 

A little blog housekeeping: I have tried very hard in the past to not make all of my writing about cancer but it still remains a huge part of our lives on a day to day basis. I have found that writing about my experience is helpful to me. I, however, will not use this platform to tell Justin’s story. All posts about my life as a caregiver will be tagged with The New Normal. I will continue to try and maintain a variety of topics on this blog and hope you enjoy reading either way. 

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