High Five for Friday: 24 Hours of Gratitude

For this week’s High Five for Friday I decided to do something a little different. For one full day, 24 hours, I tracked all of the little things I was grateful for as I went about my usual routine. In 24 hours I thought of at least 30 things I was grateful for. 30 things! It’s glaringly obvious that even in the middle of a difficult time you still have things to be thankful for, you just have to be purposeful in looking for them!  

Here’s my list from Tuesday  and Wednesday! 

1. Found an alarm song that Justin doesn’t yell at me to turn off: Canned Heat

2. Lady at Tim Hortons finally said “Have a nice day”

3. Running into Karen on the way into the office, she asked about Justin right away.

4. Heather came in before her coffee run asking if anyone wants coffee. She knows my order.

5. This new iPhone. I am so happy with it.

6. Sue being flexible with her 1:1 time.

7.Facetiming Justin when he woke up.

8. Sending secret GIFs to Julie

9. Having groceries so that I could pack a lunch. A healthy lunch at that! (Thanks Mom!)

10. Julie taking everyone’s lunch to the microwave on a tray!

11.  Stephanie getting more excited than I did at my 21 blog followers.

12. Break time texts with Justin. Yay iMessages!

13. A card, Diet Coke, red vines, and dove chocolates from Hannah.

14. A quick chat with Cheryl, Karen, and Shalina.

15. Checking off more than 2/3rds of my to-do list.

16. Giggling with Alicia about the Hard Rock Cafe, baked beans, and Pretty Little Liars.

17. Animals that get excited when I get home.

18. Bruno didn’t pee on me when I let him outside

19. A card in the mail from Julie. Elephant legs!

20. Justin brought home soup and baguette for me to take to work for lunch.

21. Finding some inspiration for a blog post. I have awesome friends.

22. Texting Julie while watching the Westminster Kennel Dog Show.

23. Increasing blog traffic each day!

24. Justin felt a little better this morning, his stomach is slowly getting back to normal.

25. Two hours ofsitting on the couch, posting on my blog, drinking my Emergen-c, watching Morning Joe, and snuggle with Bruno in the morning before work.

26. Early morning chats with a friend.

27. Heather again saving me with coffee. 

28. A good lunch with the team. I love fattoush and hummus. 

29. Still grateful for this iPhone! 

30. Justin feeling well enough for normal food. Helllllo Mexican pizza! 

31. That even during a tough week I had, at a minimum 30 things to be grateful for. 


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