A Break in the Chaos

The stars all aligned today. After the crappy start to my week, all I needed was one day. One day to breath, to feel like I was in control of something (anything), to not worry (too much), to feel useful, and feel like I’m actually accomplishing something. Without rehashing all of the craziness that was Monday through Wednesday of this week, it went a little something like this:

  • Meetings All Day
  • Non-Stop Animal Crying
  • Sobbing
  • Hubs in the Hospital
  • Dog Stuck in his own Poop All Day
  • Hubs Still in the Hospital
  • More Non-Stop Animal Craziness
  • Snowmageddon
  • Hubs OUT of the Hospital
  • Migraine
  • Snowmageddon Some More

That brings us to today.

The view from my desk for the day!

Metro-Detroit got about 5-8 inches of slurpee-like snow dumped on it overnight, just about everything around us is closed, however my office is still open. Instead of working from home I decided to go in and take advantage of the quiet time in the office since I’ve been in and out of the last few weeks. My usual form of coping is to isolate myself in my office and to just bury myself with work, even though this is exactly what I wanted to do I knew it wouldn’t benefit me at all to just shut myself into my little office and ignore the world. I bucked up, cleaned off my car, stopped at Tim Hortons for my usual XL Dark Roast 1 and 1 and drove to our main office to work from our Resource Center. I had just enough human interaction and quiet time to blow through my ever-growing to-do list and finally felt like I was able to regain some control. I kept in contact with Justin throughout the day and knowing he was starting to feel better just fueled my afternoon.

There’s something special about working when the majority of the office is empty, with our building usually bustling with children under the age of five, there is a sense of calm flowing through the building today. It’s a day for getting stuff done and tackling projects you’ve been pushing aside for countless phone calls and e-mails. I love days like this. I miss my team throughout the day when I think of something that I’d want to share but technology allows me to maintain contact with them, they are all incredibly productive, no matter where they are working from, it’s pretty amazing to witness. A small but mighty team of dedicated individuals, you should be jealous.

As I finished up my day, I felt lucky to have had this day amongst the chaos of a normal week. I am thankful for the quiet, for my team rocking it at home, for friends that bring me coffee, for the texts with Justin saying he was okay, for the view from my computer, for the conversations I had, for the music flowing from my Pandora station (Kings of Leon, btw) and for the break in the chaos.


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