February by the Numbers

blogging.jpgIt’s been just over a month since I started taking more initiative to be purposeful and engaged on this blog. I started writing as a creative outlet and eventually it morphed into a form of emotional support for me as the posts were published and the followers increased. I really enjoy interacting with other people, sharing my stories or thoughts, and hearing from those that have read. So, with that in mind I have decided to add an additional category to my blog that specifically will relate to the art of blogging, sharing posts from other authors, the status of this particular blog, and content specifically about building a presence on the interwebs. All of these posts will be categorized with “Blogosphere”. Since I assume that not all of my followers will be interested in this content, I will, at least initially, not be publicizing these posts on Facebook or Instagram. They will be promoted via Twitter as that is where I connect with other bloggers. I’m excited to expand my focus and continue connecting with other writers as I share my life and experience with everyone.

February was the first month where I actually spent time and energy planning my focus, my posts, and incorporated some structure into the blog. I am completely blown away by the response and engagement I’ve seen over the last 29 days. Between January and February of 2016 I more than DOUBLED my views and visitors than any other YEAR since I started in 2012. That’s awesome!

Thank you so much for reading, for sharing, liking, commenting, and just even poking around here – I appreciate every person that has taken the time to read something I’ve written. Writing is a dream of mine, and in some small way, this is making my dreams come true! Without further adieu, here’s February by the Numbers:

  • 447 Visitors
  • Read in 6 Countries (USA, India, UK, Netherlands – New TODAY!, Thailand, and Sweden)
  • 16 total posts published
  • Most popular post ever: The New Normal with 366 Total Views 2/11 when it was posted

My closest timeframe to what was accomplished in February is the YEAR of 2015, which came in under half of the Views and Visitors!

Let’s see what March has in store! Thanks again for reading!

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