Three Small Things

Dammit Cheryl.

So, I have this friend, we’ll call her Cheryl. Cheryl and I work together and last week she sent out the e-mail blast to our entire agency announcing that the annual 10-10-10 weight loss competition will be starting on March 7th. 10 dollars, 10 weeks, 10 pounds. Anyone that loses 10lbs at the end of the 10 weeks gets to split the pot of cash. The catch?


slap-unhealthy-foods-out-of-my-handI have been on diets/lifestyle changes all of my life. I’ve been successful, I’ve been…not-so-successful, I’ve taken breaks, I’ve made great strides…you get the idea. One thing I have never cared about is the actual number on the scale. I try to stay consistent and track my weight when I am doing well with my health, but it’s never anything I put a lot of faith in. I’m of the philosophy that if I feel good, that’s good enough for me.

Last year when the 10-10-10 was happening at work, I was actually in the middle of my first #100HealthyDays, I was eating extremely well, I was working out almost every day and I was making progress. I wanted to participate but for the first time, I really felt this hate for the scale. I didn’t want to HAVE to step on a scale and have another person I work with track my weight. It’s something that just seems unmotivating and has always made me not want to participate in any kind of workplace competition.

Enter Cheryl. I responded to her e-mail with “I want to do this, but I SO don’t”. It took her all of 10 minutes and 4 e-mails to convince me to do it. And now she calls me Vanessa. I prefer Winnie the Bish. We’re strange people.

So, here I am, again. Counting down the days before I have to start focusing on my health again. I know it’s important, I really do. I know that I have far exceeded my time as someone who can be a binge eating couch potato without any lasting effects to my overall health. But. There’s always a but. I have find the motivation to actually focus on eating properly and incorporating physical activity into my daily life. It’s a lot of work, and if I don’t have the motivation, I just won’t do it. So, I will be turning in my $10 on Monday March 7th and I will be making three commitments to myself for the next 10 weeks. They are small, but they are what I feel I can take on right now. I will:

  1. Eat Fruits & Veggies at EACH meal
  2. Track My Activity and Food Every Day
  3. Drink at Least 64oz of Water Everyday

No big hashtag show, no monthly fee to pay, no depriving myself of things I enjoy, just three healthy commitments to myself that I know I can strive to achieve, no matter what the next 10 weeks throw at me.

So, Cheryl: You’re On!

Love, Vanessa (But really Winnie the Bish)

winnie the bish


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