The Road to the General

Personally, I’m not a fan of Tuesdays. They lack any type of appeal to me, I even prefer a Monday over a Tuesday. Mondays are for catching up, Wednesdays have fun name: Hump Day, Thursdays are almost Friday (and have some of the best TV shows), Fridays are the best days, and Saturday and Sunday are the weekend. Tuesday has nothing.

So, I suppose we’ve solidified that I was not consulted when the most important day in the primary campaign was selected.

Today, all over our country, people are voting for their favorite candidates in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Twelve states are going to hand their delegates over to any number of the seven candidates looking to be President Elect come November. Here’s what’s on the line today:

Republicans need 1,237 delegates to win their nomination before the general election, 595 are available on Super Tuesday. Democrats, on the other hand need 2,383 delegates to be considered the nominee for the general, a whopping 1,004 delegates are available today!

Candidates are spread all across the country looking to scoop up as many delegates as possible in an effort to boot out their opponents. The press coverage will be out of this world, with five candidates left looking for the Republican nomination, four of which are looking to take down the freight train known as Donald Trump. In The West Wing, they call this kind of momentum “the big mo” and Trump has it. Coming off of his historical win in South Carolina, it seems as though he is headed straight to the convention as the Republican party’s nominee. Today will make or break “the big mo” for the Donald. He’s breaking barriers and connecting with people in a way his opponents just can’t seem to be able to compete with, it will be incredibly interesting to see if this bombastic, straight-forward, newcomer will knock out any of his Washington opponents, and if not, who grabbed enough delegates to push forward?

The suspense is killing me!

super tuesdayIn all of the news coverage that I have engaged in over the last few months, each and every pundit has commented on how this is the most unconventional presidential campaign season in their lifetime. The 2016 Presidential race has been ground breaking, a whole new world has been brought to light and in turn, has engaged more individuals than ever before. People that have taken a stance of fighting against the Washington establishment have been more successful than those that are considered traditional candidates. Social media has brought a new layer to the campaign process, individual opinions now reach across the world in a matter of minutes. Candidates are running on 140 characters or less. Those that have mastered a positive social media strategy have the potential to make traditional retail politics obsolete.

The road to the general election is a long and complicated one, but today is a huge milestone in that journey. We could walk away tonight with two candidates running away with the entire game, which, if you ask me, is rather terrifying considering the candidates that are currently leading in the delegate count.

Get your electoral math to english dictionaries out ladies and gentlemen, we’re in for an interesting ride. Buckle up!

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