High Five for Friday: Doughnuts, Dog Beds, and Awards – OH MY!


  1. Once a month, I have dinner with my Mom, Sister, and Aunt. I look forward to these dinners each month. These ladies are hilarious, loving, crazy, and my support system. I can’t imagine my life without them, we are bonded in a way that is just unbelievable. This week we ate lasagna and cheesecake, talked about our lives, shared some great stories, and laughed so hard that we cleared out the restaurant. We even made some friends! I can’t wait until next month!
  2. Everyday I stop at Tim Horton’s for coffee, sometimes I’ll get breakfast, but very rarely I will get a doughnut. On Tuesday, I pulled into my usual Timmy’s and saw a sign for a Red Wings doughnut that is available for two weeks, proceeds benefiting the Red Wings Foundation. I HAD to have it. I didn’t want to eat it, but we know I did. It was delicious.
  3. For the first time in a while my entire team was in the same room for the entire day on Tuesday. It was nice being together. A couple of us are going through some significant personal situations so being able to catch up, chat, get work done, and just be there with each other was awesome.
  4.  As Bruno is getting bigger, Justin and I have been trying to break his habit of taking over our bed when we’re sleeping. Bruno it starting to seem less offended when he’s kicked out of bed at night, but we can’t get him to sleep in his own bed. That little goofball sleeps in a small chair next to his bed. This 50lb dog curls up onto a small armchair instead of spreading out on his big, cozy DOG bed!
  5. Stephanie nominated me for the Liebster Award and Versatile Blogger Award this week! I haven’t had the chance to post about it yet, but I will try over the weekend. Thanks Steph!

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