High Five for Friday: Five Days of Gratitude

I went about two weeks without writing. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, or that I didn’t have things to share. I was busting at the seams. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs but what was going to come out would be neither coherent nor productive. So I chose not to write. I missed it more than I realized I would.
On Sunday I made the decision to commit to making time to write this week, and most importantly, keeping track of all of things I’m grateful for as I went through, what would inevitably be, a hard week. Five days of gratitude, listed out for you to witness that there is, indeed, good in everyday.
Sunday March 20th, 2016
1. An extra couple of hours of sleep
2. The leftover pico in the fridge to add to my hash browns
3. Justin having the energy to go out into the world!
4. The motivation to pack, do laundry, and clean!
5. Netflix and U-Verse on the iPad
6. My dad for dropping off some tubs for us to pack with!
7. Bruno didn’t pee when he saw my dad, he even did a couple of tricks for him!
8. Getting cozy on the couch with some tomato soup and the DVR
9. French toast with apples on top for dinner.
10. The Coldplay “A Head Full of Dreams” Album
11. Going to bed at the same time as Justin for the first time in weeks.

Monday March 21st, 2016
12. Again, some extra sleep in the morning. This time on the couch with Bruno.
13. Making it to my 9AM meeting just in time to grab some coffee and breakfast.
14. Heather saved me a seat!
15. Early end to a meeting means time for a coffee stop!
16. Seeing Cheryl for the first time in DAYS!
17. It was chilly enough to pull my tights and boots back out, easy outfit!
18. Getting stuff done with my team.
19. Goldfish in paper cups (the crackers)
20. A quick chat with Justin, he had fun at the dog park with Bruno
21. A successful accreditation interview
22. Karen sharing her thoughts, insights, and ideas with my team on a whim
23. Coming home with an idea for dinner
24. Trying something new for dinner and only losing two small chunks of my finger doing so.
25. Homemade Scalloped Potatoes with Ham were delicious.
26. Finally getting some writing done!
27. Chatting with my grandma about her estate sale meeting
28. Pajama pants, a comfortable shirt, messy bun, my laptop and a puppy snuggling at my side before bed.

Tuesday March 22, 2016
29. I really can’t be thankful for anything other than the medical team at The University of Michigan today.

Wednesday March 23, 2016
30. Being home and having my PTO to stay home.
31. Waking up to make a cup of coffee without waking up Justin
32. Texts with my mom before she goes to work
33. Heading back to bed with coffee and Morning Joe
34. Time to run errands in an organized way.
35. Lunch with my mom and sister
36. Benefits that include a Flex Spending Account for prescriptions.
37. Coming home just in time to take a nap
38. Already prepared meals in the freezer
39. Justin feeling as good as can be
40. New regular trips to Culvers for frozen custard after dinner.
41. Bruno getting excited when hearing “car ride”
42. Falling asleep early, at the same time as Justin (and Bruno)
Thursday March 24, 2016
43. More time to snooze in the Lazy Boy
44. Making my coffee at home
45. Chatting with Cheryl and Heather
46. Meetings with good lunch! Yum fattoush.
47. Julie bringing me one of my favorites: Liberati’s Vegetarian Lasagna
48. Laughing as Heather ate a Pepto chewable
49. Stupid jokes with the team
50. Talking Taco Bell with three different people. Must try a Quesalupa.
51. Coming home and putting pajamas on when it’s cold and rainy outside
52. Drunken Goat Cheese and Fig Spread.
53. Watching all of our DVR Jimmy Fallon episodes at once
54. Playing fetch with Bruno in our swamp of a backyard
This week brought the single most terrifying experience of my life. While all I wanted to do was shut down and hibernate for the remainder of the week it was these 54 little things that made this unbearable week, well…bearable. I hope that you also found some little things to be grateful for throughout the week.
Here’s to the weekend!

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