High Five for Friday: Doctor’s Orders

A low-key week is just what the doctor ordered…literally.

In the wake of a crazy, long, stressful week, the last six days have been pretty laid back. Justin and I enjoyed some time together on Tuesday after his latest doctor appointment, he is feeling better so he’s been up and moving most days, and I was able to get some work done in the office. I’ll call that a successful week! Here’s the High Five:


  1. I went into Justin’s next treatment plan appointment incredibly anxious. I had read the clinical trial paperwork the night before and considering my limited medical background, it was pretty scary stuff. His doctor spent almost 30 minutes explaining the medications and science behind all of our (my) questions and even joked around with us for a while. I walked out feeling as though we had a plan, something that could get us to a bone marrow transplant. Justin was also required to take another two weeks off of treatment so we had some time to just…be.
  2. Finally, on Tuesday I got the load of moving boxes out of my car and spent some time packing up OUR things. I’ve spent so much time packing up my grandma’s things that I was falling behind at our house. All of the art and decorations in our living room went into boxes and my office has become moving central! It feels good to have made some progress.
  3. On Wednesday my new custom Plum Paper Life Planner came in the mail! I am so excited to use this! There are 7 customizable boxes for each day and I chose: Don’t Forget, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Home, Blog, and Justin. I’m all set for a year of balancing all of the moving parts (pun, intended) of our lives! Tune in this weekend for a post on the details of the Plum Paper Life Planner!
  4. While I love my team, I have been jonesing for some quiet time at work to get some things done. The majority of this week they have been in Grand Rapids for an early childhood conference and even though that meant I was responsible for answering the incoming calls and e-mails, it was nice to sit quietly throughout the week and just work. I managed to finish my online leadership course a day early, brainstormed evaluation strategies, and check off various tasks on my to-do list!
  5. Justin is feeling pretty good this week, he’s been able to stop a couple of his medications, his appetite is increasing, he’s had more energy, and he’s been pretty positive. He will be spending some time on the west side of the state this weekend with his sister and a friend so I’m excited for him to have some fun away from moving, cancer, and our normal life for a couple of days. He’ll be taking Bruno with him as well so I’ll be ready to enjoy some quiet house time as well. Some time to just live our lives will be welcomed.


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