Adios, March!


March was rough. I didn’t write as much as I wanted to, with everything going on I just didn’t find the energy to keep up with posting. February was my most active and engaged month ever in four years, but despite fewer posts, March’s numbers remained relatively strong. Friday marked April 1st and I was incredibly satisfied to leave March behind and move forward further into spring and the month of April. This will be a big month for us, Justin starts his second treatment protocol in a couple of weeks, my grandma will be having her estate sale and completely moving into her new space, and we will be moving the 13 miles back to my hometown, home-neighborhood really, to settle in for what we anticipate to be a challenging two years. I can almost feel the tension leave my shoulders as I close my eyes and think about being all moved in and setting up our new space. Hopefully our four-legged brood will feel the same way.

I posted 10 posts on The Corner Office in March, two of which were The New Normal segments, one described my biggest fear, and my favorite of the month described my view on parts of my personality.

Those 10 posts brought 550 views by 176 visitors who liked a post 21 times! The most popular post of the month was The New Normal: Pause, something I wrote while cuddled up on the couch on a rainy Sunday morning. I had readers from six countries stop by last month: US, India, UK, Canada, Russia, and Ireland.

I continue to be amazed by the depth of the views this blog brings from month to month. I absolutely love writing in this space and am so honored that you spend some of your hard earned free time here reading my words. I’m looking forward to keeping this thing we’ve got going on here moving forward. Happy April!

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