Throwback Thursday: My Lost Motivation


I have been feeling a little lost at work lately, unmotivated and aimless. I am going through a time of strategic planning, trial and error, and thinking about how to better structure a program that has been functioning for seven years. Usually, I thrive in these types of transitions. With everything else going on in my life recently, I seem to be weighed down by it. Instead of finding the excitement in my open calendar, office supplies, and brainstorming sessions, I’m finding that I am exhausted by them. I have a desire to be busy, to keep myself moving at a pace that doesn’t allow me to stop and think about what’s going on around me. Apparently, this is what happens when I finally get some time to rest: I miss the chaos.

I’ve been looking for my motivation, desperately looking for some inspiration that would give me the push to get it together. I haven’t quite found it yet, but I remembered writing this post a couple of years ago shortly after I had made the transition from team member to program supervisor. I set off in the early morning hours in search of inspiration and I found it. Here’s hoping the inspiration I’ve been on the hunt for surfaces soon.

I’m throwing it all the way back to October 2013 today with my post A Great Freaking Day!


3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: My Lost Motivation

  1. Sadl I’ve been going through a low motivation month. I dont feel like doing much except for reading or blogging maybe while I’ve got so many things I’ve gotto get down with deadlines looming in the scary near future. I feel like I want to go on a hike or do something exhilarating, but then I cant. I hate inspiration ruts. :/ what I cannot bear more is when people dont believe such things exist.

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    1. Binge watching Netflix is usually the only thing I am motivated to do when I feel this way. I want to do so much more, want to find a way to be creative but the energy is just never there. It took a whole week for me to get up the energy to blog on the regular again. It’s hard to explain to people that don’t understand your coping mechanism either. I hope your inspiration rut breaks soon!

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