6 Things I Think About When I Can’t Sleep at 4am on a Saturday Morning

The first thing I saw this morning.
I have three pets, I love them dearly. They are my children and each bring an individual personality to our lives. But today, these guys are jerks. Gus Gus and Allie proceeded to run like the Bulls in Pamploma throughout our house while Bruno slowly pushed me out of my own bed this morning. Eventually, I waved the white flag, I gave up, got out of bed, fed the cats, found my favorite blanket and took up residence on the living room couch. Since laying down, a few things have crossed my mind. Here they are:

1. People are way too invested in what the Instagram app icon looks like. Why does it bother you that a company decided to change the face of their logo? Furthermore, why is it bothering people so much that it is now considered news for media outlets to report? I don’t understand. 

2. I am 90% sure we have birds living in our roof or wall. 

3. It baffles me that people in other countries and on other continents read my blog. It’s just amazing to me that someone across the world is interested in what I have to say. (Hi, people!!)

4. I honestly couldn’t decide which couch to lay on this morning. I spent an abnormal amount of time considering my options and the pros/cons for each. The small, older one that is in the sunroom where the breeze and bird chirping is streaming through the windows OR the quieter, new couch in the living room that is more comfortable. I opted for the new couch, in case you were wondering. 

5. I am usually embarrassed by what comes up in my Timehop each morning. I’ve had some sort of social media account for 15 years, I’ve said stupid things but having them delivered to my phone each morning is a very strange feeling. Sometimes I love seeing my old posts, most of the time I end up rolling my eyes to things I’ve said. 

6. I have been having relatively vivid dreams lately where I carry the circumstances into my awaken state. This morning I was dreaming that someone was coming to do a home visit for the animals to make sure we were taking good care of them. I was nervous that they were going to make me look bad by running around like crazy this morning and that I would be judged by their desperate need for kibble at 4am. 

For the record, those three pets I love so dearly, they are all sound asleep throughout the house. Double jerks. 

3 thoughts on “6 Things I Think About When I Can’t Sleep at 4am on a Saturday Morning

  1. I Loved reading this when I woke up 😀 The different countries and continents. ..Hi People, awesome! And those animals are jerks. My 3 year old animal screamed for me at 630 this morning even though his Dad was already RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. Grrr.

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  2. My formerly feral feline is forever wanting food. Thing is, if I just leave it out, she gobbles. Then she pukes. Dare you to sleep through puking cat (usually in the upper frame of our bed. Nice one.
    So, it’s a small handful at a time spaced out, again and again and….she doesn’t puke. Instead, she paws at her water dish.

    My human-style teen and preteen are a lot simpler! =D

    I know for a fact there are birds living in our eaves. The babies’ voices have changed, though, so they’ll be on their way in a matter of weeks.

    And that is a beautiful jerk at the top of this post!

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