High Five for Friday: Finally!

It’s a beautiful day today! The sun is shining, the temperature is about 68 degrees and I was able to spend my Friday afternoon working from my office at home after our semi-annual agency all-staff meeting. It was a good week and I’m ready for a good weekend to follow it, I hope you’re feeling accomplished after your week as well! Let’s hop to it!


  1. I’m starting to get some of my mojo back at work, which has really relieved some anxiety. Going back to work, after taking 9 days off to move, I felt so lost and unmotivated (read about that here). I spent some time starting a few projects, had some motivating conversations, and finally felt like I’ve been getting myself into a manageable routine. That’s a win if I’ve ever heard of one!
  2. Justin had his third infusion this week. Our schedule left us with a four hour window in between his check-in with the doctor and his infusion appointment but we had lunch and I worked a from my laptop. It’s incredibly reassuring that he is reacting really well to this medication. The bone marrow transplant is looming around the corner but for now it’s nice to see him start to feel better. The people we have built relationships with through the clinical trial are all amazing too, incredibly awesome people.
  3. My team is working on a pilot program right now, we are attempting to build a customized training model and we had our first participant meeting on Wednesday. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but every participant had nothing but positive things to say and were so excited about the direction we’re going. I found myself writing down almost every word they were saying so I could remember it as I’m planning.
  4. Stephanie invited me to introduce myself to her blog Making Time for Me by guest posting on Tuesday. I was so honored that she asked and actually loved the piece that I ended up writing. Thank you Steph for asking me to share myself with your community!
  5. Between participating in the Kindness Challenge, Guest Posting on Stephanie’s blog, and finding new bloggers to follow I had 11 new followers this week! I got so excited every time I got a new notification in my WordPress app! I also hit my 100th post this week (it was technically the post I wrote for Stephanie) – I can’t believe I’ve had 100 posts worth of stories to share and can’t wait for the next 100!

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