High Five for Friday: A Coffee Date!

Things are getting a little heavy out there in the blogosphere, we’re all so thoughtful, reflective, and making the world a better place. How about we just go have a cup of coffee and chat about shallow, silly things for a while? So, here we go! Five shallow, silly things for me to share while we sip our pretentious coffee drinks.

H54F Coffee Date

  1. I am slightly obsessed with the show “The People’s Couch” on Bravo. It is literally watching people watching TV. But there is something about these people that I just can’t get enough of, especially when they’re watching something that I also watch. If you haven’t seen it – seriously, check it out. I may, or may not, be watching it right now.
  2. I keep wondering if I should try some sort of sugar detox plan. Lately, it seems, I can’t stop eating junk food and I know that if I can just break my addiction to sugar, I will be able to manage a healthier diet. My boss just recently did a whole sugar detox and says it has completely changed the way she looks at food but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Maybe it’s my addiction speaking…
  3. There is a tiny little red squirrel that lives in the wall of our sunroom. He gets into the house by walking through the gutters and through a hole in the corner of the wall. My dad brought over some traps and Justin has plans to drive him to a park a few miles away but it makes me sad to think about dropping him off somewhere away from his home…which, technically, is my home. Justin thinks I’m straight nutty. (See what I did there? Squirrel…nutty…BAHAHA)
  4. One of the most insightful, intelligent, and funny people I know is my twenty-year old, part time staff member. She is everything a young person should be and sometimes I look to her to gauge how I should be reacting to the world. Except when she starts talking about how her energy pulls birds into windows.
  5. I feel incredibly adult when I’m drinking my Tim Horton’s XL Dark Roast Regular coffee in the morning. No fancy sizes, drink names, caramel sauce, or whipped cream. Just me and my coffee flavored coffee in the biggest cup I can find.

Happy Friday!

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