Suggestion Box

After spending over 11 hours at the hospital yesterday for what was supposed to be our “quick” treatment day I have a few suggestions for the University of Michigan Health System. 

1. I know that it would have the ability to cause mass chaos, but if you could include an estimated appointment time on the patient’s itnerary, that would be incredibly helpful. It doesn’t have to be time specific but I can tell you, from experience, there is a big difference between spending 4 hours and 11 hours in the hospital. Especially when the additional 7 hours were booked ahead of time. 

2. Can a “guest” get a more comfortable chair? I mean, dang, I know I’m not doing anything other than sitting there but good grief, something that leans back and maybe has wheels would be awesome. It would make moving out of the nurses way a lot easier too. I might be pushing it but a foot rest wouldn’t hurt either. 

3. Get your system together. Having to wait for blood work to get done throws off your entire day. If we are late for blood work then you’re late finishing your appointment which means you’re late to get to infusion on time which means the pharmacy doesn’t make your medication when it should and all you’re doing is waiting to hurry up and wait some more. The free bagels and coffee are a nice touch though.

4. More outlets in the waiting area are desperately needed. One power strip for an entire waiting room for two clinics is unrealistic. It’s 2016 we’re all wired. 

5. Don’t make your nurses do your dirty work for you. Our poor, awesome, amazing nurse had to break the news to us today that we were in for a much longer day than we had anticipated. She didn’t deserve to be at the receiving end of our frustration. She’s got other things to worry about, like appropriately administering important medications to patients. No big deal. 

In all seriousness, very rarely do I have anything to complain about after a day at the hospital, and most of this is just in fun. I could never explain how appreciative I am for the incredible team on the research staff that we get to see on treatment days. They make every appointment as enjoyable as possible. 

Yesterday was long, about 8 hours too long but it went by quickly. Justin slept through most of it and I managed to get a full day’s work in on my laptop. The staff had fun with us and managed to keep us in good spirits. I suppose there isn’t much more I could ask for. 

Except for maybe the more comfortable chair, I mean, really, Justin gets a fancy reclining chair. 😉 

4 thoughts on “Suggestion Box

  1. I love how I am able to see you smile in your posts even when dealing with that horrible “C” word that is holding you and your husband hostage at the hospital. Sending Prayers Everyday!

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