The New Normal: Summer 

img_0671Monday was the first day of summer. Michigan was hot and humid, mostly overcast throughout the day. There was an impending thunderstorm that didn’t happen, which means we are in for six straight days of sun.
Summer isn’t my favorite season. I don’t mind it, usually summer means a couple of trips up north, sun glasses, flip flops, and spending time outside. None of those things are at all disappointing. I am already spending more time outside than I usually would, it’s definitely a benefit to having your backyard patio right outside your door. I like the stillness and quiet of the outdoors, at least when I’m not distracted by the bugs making me itchy.

On Monday, after a day at work spent 98% indoors, only to go outdoors and realize that it was extraordinarily humid, I had no evening plans to spend time outside. Bruno had a different set of plans. He was particularly antsy since Justin wasn’t home so he kept ringing his bells to go outside. Eventually, I turned off the TV, closed my laptop and just committed to staying outside with him. He ran, chased lightning bugs, sniffed our neighbors, did tricks for treats, played with his soccer ball, and did a sniff perimeter search.

When Bruno’s interest in playing fetch evolved into sniffing every inch of our fence line I decided to sit down and take in the sights around me. The storm forecast had vanished and we were left with a cotton candy sky that faded from blue, to orange, to pink, and back to blue again. It was pretty awesome to see how a random day, mostly aiming for a storm, turned into a pretty decent night.

I let Bruno finish his figure eight running marathon, heard a mosquito buzz in my ear and headed inside. A little breath of summer to cleanse the soul and recharge my batteries. My formally antsy puppy, now all tuckered out curled up at my side on the couch and we settled in for the night.

This summer will be a good one. The looming turn our lives are going to take this fall is encouraging us to spend time appreciating each other, enjoying our time, and living our lives without worrying what the bone marrow transplant will bring. It will come when it comes and it will bring what it will bring. In the mean time we will not waste our time over analyzing, worrying, or waiting.  There is no sense in wasting our summer and all of those cotton candy skies.

For the first time in my life I am not willing the fall to come. I’m comfortable living in this period of transition. We’ve become comfortable here. The fall being uncertainty and the biggest fight of our lives. I know Justin wants to get back to his life, I can’t imagine going through this without having work to occupy my time and mind. I want that for him, but in the meantime I will enjoy my summer with him and hope that the fall doesn’t rush to get here too quickly.

Here’s to spending time outdoors, wearing flip flops and sunglasses, road trips up north, and the comfort that summer brings.

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