Throwback Thursday: Dammit Cheryl, Again

#TBTSometimes I wonder if when we are struggling with something if we seek out the people that we know will push us forward toward success. It’s not surprising, right? As humans, we look for support and validation from the people that we know will support and validate us. Enter, again, Cheryl.

While my shift toward positivity and kindness have taken shape in my life, I have continually struggled with getting back to a healthier lifestyle. I’ve tried to get motivated and it seems to last all of five minutes before I head to the kitchen for a bowl of Lucky Charms. Whew, that was a long five minutes of healthy eating! The struggle didn’t get any easier as the weather got warmer and everything just started to feel hot and uncomfortable. Everything, include every clothing item I own, outside of my yoga pants, of course.

While sitting outside with my friend, we’ll call her Cheryl, at work this week, I was telling her about my lost motivation. She took that as a personal challenge to give me the ultimate pep talk and kick my ass in gear. It must be the pirate in her…

Sitting across from her she laid out her super plan for me for next week, customized for my uber lazy ways. By signing on for Cheryl Bootcamp I am agreeing to only one Tim Horton’s run and one night out to eat next week. Everything else must be what I have at home. No exceptions. Her first step is for me to just get back into the habit of preparing food and planning for the week ahead. She was so animated and serious about everything I couldn’t help but just smile at her.

“You’ll have so much fun!” she says.

foodCoincidently, it was also my night to do my mid-week grocery shopping trip so I made some adjustments to my list and made my way to the store. After unpacking everything at home, I found myself standing around in the kitchen while my parents, Justin, and my grandma were discussion options for a new roof, I thought of Cheryl and figured, well…if I’m just standing here, I might as well do some food prep. I made breakfast yogurt parfaits for the rest of the week, cut up all of my strawberries, cut up my bell peppers for my hummus, and portioned everything out in ready to go packs. I’ve even got plans to set my crockpot before bed so dinner is ready to go before I even head out the door in the morning. Here goes nothing!

You might recall that Cheryl has been a contributing factor to making me choose a healthier lifestyle before. Right around the beginning of our 10-10-10 at work, which I started and never made it beyond week one. Cheryl, on the other hand has lost over 40lbs since then. I suppose, if you’re going to enroll in an unauthorized Bootcamp, this one has earned some credibility. Lord only knows what she has in store for me for week 2.

We’re throwing it back to March for this Throwback Thursday with my last run in with Cheryl and her health pep talks. Enjoy Three Small Things!

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