High Five for Friday: Good Vibes

Fridays are just the best. I’m usually wearing jeans, have an abbreviated agenda, and am looking forward to the weekend. I’m in need of a productive but relaxing weekend after a long week. I’ll be spending my Friday looking out onto our courtyard at work and then heading home to enjoy the remainder of my evening with the hubs and the pup!


  1. The roof on our house is being replaced today which means our little red squirrel friend will no longer have access to our attic. I’m excited for the work to be done, it was needed but might, maybe just a little, miss our roommate. Mr. Roof showed up at 7:30am this morning and went straight to work, by the time I get home they should be almost done. Special shout out to our awesome neighbor for letting Bruno hang out today so he has a backyard to use!
  2. As you read in my TBT post – I got my butt kicked into gear this week by my friend, Cheryl. I made it through Day One successfully and actually felt pretty good when I woke up this morning, although I did trade in my “me hour” for some extra sleep. I’m super excited to eat my leftovers for lunch too!
  3. I’m going to nerd out for a minute: I am so excited about the reach this blog is gaining. Seeing my numbers and followers increase is so validating, which I try not to rely on when I write, but it doesn’t hurt either! There are people all over the world reading my words and engaging with me – it’s pretty awesome! June has already produced 11 new followers!
  4. One of the smartest decisions I ever made was buying my favorite coffee k-cup for our Keurig at work. I rely less on stopping in the morning for coffee knowing my favorite cup is sitting there waiting for me. I have yet to find a better coffee than the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend.
  5. I was extraordinarily productive after work on Wednesday and Thursday of this week – getting some chores done before sitting down to relax. On Thursday I walked in the door, changed the litter boxes, watered my plants in the back yard, put away all of my laundry, did the dishes, and made dinner before sitting down. I was tired but it was nice to feel like I had everything I needed accomplished before I plopped on the couch to watch my DVR’d Jimmy Fallon.

There’s no reason to not celebrate a Friday, they are just full of good vibes! I hope you’re week was enjoyable and your weekend is relaxing and productive!

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