Chef Spaz

I am, by no means a chef. I can hold my own in the kitchen but usually that comes from my inclination toward improvising in the kitchen. I tend to have a very difficult time following a recipe. I don’t know why, but I get flustered, something gets burned, I don’t know what some of the words mean, and I end up stressed and sweaty by the time I sit down. Whew, following a recipe is a workout!

Lately, it seems like there are an abundance of services that send you materials or products in a monthly box – usually a subscription service. I’ve been curious and interested in about 98% of them but never could justify the cost in our household budget. In an effort to experiment and try new meals in the kitchen, I’ve been most interested in the meal service subscriptions, but still, I’ve never fired the shot and tried any of them.

Enter our super awesome neighbor.

Last week, I got an interesting text from our neighbor, offering me a “complete meal” but she needed to explain and that she was in the backyard. I debated whether or not she seemed like a the type to order a mob hit and then ventured toward the back of the house. She had received three HelloFresh meals that she wasn’t going to be able to use and was offering me one of them, I went for the beef stirfry.

A little nervous about what I was getting myself into, I put the meal into the fridge and gave myself a few days to work up to it. On Sunday afternoon, after three days of very little activity, I decided I needed  a good workout and went to the fridge for the HelloFresh meal.

hellofreshI followed the directions the best that I could, and for the record, the meal turned out very well even though I have no idea how to mince garlic, peel and prepare ginger, or how to chop bok choy. I only slightly burned the beef after becoming distracted by the slicing of vegetables, and only ended up with beef marinade on half of my body. While I felt like a supreme spaz, I managed to make a pretty decent meal. The directions were clear and had a few pictures to aid in the process, the recipe incorporated a couple of new foods into my world (bok choy, ginger, and jasmine rice), and gave me a new meal to add to my rotation.

Overall, I would say that the experience was a success. And yes, I was sweating when I sat down to eat. While I still don’t think that I could justify room in our monthly budget for a regular subscription, I do think that services such as HelloFresh could provide a solution for those that don’t have the time to shop on a regular basis and are looking to make smaller amounts of food. I was excited to have access to new foods, with very specific instructions on how to use them, it will undoubtedly be a source of inspiration as I plan meals in the future.

Lucky for me, that super awesome neighbor dropped off four more meals last night and I have a whole fridge full of new foods to try this week!

One box subscription service tried – 10,000 to go.


2 thoughts on “Chef Spaz

  1. I am so happy you were able to use the meal kit. We just ordered our first HelloFresh box, so I am as excited as you to try it! We have been getting the “Love with Food” box for heathy snacks. I love it because I try new things and because they donate money for meals for every box through Feeding America and Share Our Strength. According to their site, they have donated over a million meals total and 5,160 meals to Gleaners of SE Michigan alone! If you want to check them out:

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