High Five for Friday: Grab a Brew!

High Five For FridayInstead of a coffee date, I think I’m in need of a beer. So, in celebration of Friday, these are the silly, trivial, fun, things that I would share with you to round out the week. Sit down, take a load off, and pick out your favorite brew – It’s Friday!

  1. One of my absolute favorite shows is Flipping out with Jeff Lewis on Bravo. On Wednesday the ninth season started. I waited until Thursday to watch both new episodes so I could binge watch them at once. I could totally work in that dysfunctional office!
  2. Believe it or not, July is already half over! This week was one of our “normal” weeks in the midst of traveling and vacations. Justin came back from Texas, we had seven days together before he heads for a vacation with his family. I’ll be heading north, myself for Girls Weekend and then we have another week together before heading up to spend a week with my parents. Busy, Busy July!
  3. Next weekend is my annual Girls Weekend with some of my favorite people! I am so excited to hit the road and spend four days on the lake laughing, drinking, chatting, and relaxing. I’ve got a little crafty project planned for my week on my own that I’m pretty excited to share with my ladies!
  4. For the last few months I have been planning leadership training for the Parent Leadership Team at my organization. Thursday was our second session and I was so impressed with their engagement and excitement around the topics we’ve been discussing. I wasn’t really sure what to expect and went in without a specific agenda so the fact that they are participating in the conversation and really thinking about what it means to be a parent leader is awesome. It’s been a bright spot in some frustrating work days.
  5. I’m working on some structure and upgrades to this here blog. I have so many things that I want to do but consistency and planning are top priority for now. So stay tuned for some construction in this corner of the blogosphere.

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