We are Broken

Our world is under attack. It has been a heartbreaking first half of 2016 for most of the world, including the United States. For most of the year I have had no, or few, words to describe the unrest, the heartbreak, and the terror that has been taking over across the globe.

For the second Friday in a row, I have woken up to news of an overnight mass casualty attack, first in Dallas and now in Nice, France. Images of people, civilians, running for their lives away from terror have become the standard morning news backdrop. I can’t explain it, I can’t rationalize it, I can’t understand it, I’m scared.

Our country is in the process of beginning the final stages of a Presidential campaign, someone will inherit a new world, one that is continually broken and will be responsible for securing our safety  by creating and mending relationships across the world. The major issues in this impending general election campaign has shifted, foreign policy, national security, and immigration are going to move to the forefront for our two candidates.

For months I have been quiet about this campaign. I was disappointed about the turn that it had taken. While watching Donald Trump in the early stages of his candidacy, almost a year ago, was entertaining, but no one thought he would break through the GOP to the other side and solidify the nomination. No one. For the first time in my adult life, there was no democratic candidate that I was interested in supporting, I was lost and looking for someone I could trust to get things done as the next President of the United States, even if that meant I crossed the aisle to support a Republican. While the sixteen other Republican candidates were being plucked off one by one, Hillary and Bernie fought the good fight and, inevitably, regardless of the growing support for her opponent – Hillary came out on top. The worst case scenario had happened.

Defeated, I remained silent about the direction the race was taking. I continued my morning routine of watching Morning Joe, I stayed as connected as I could on social media so that I could find some relatable or redeeming quality for either of these people that will become our Commander in Chief. In the wake of the Bastille Day attack coverage, MSNBC played two clips, both from last night, each of our candidates responded to the horror that has taken place while most of us were sleeping. Donald Trump, as usual responded with his gut “the world has got to straighten up” – a blunt, but broad statement that, once again, showed he had no answers, no plans, and no idea what it takes to address this kind of tragedy across the world. Hillary responded with information, details on what is happening in Iraq, she helped the viewers understand.

No one will ever understand how or why attacks like these happen. No amount of words will ever rationalize this kind of terrorism or ease the fear in the human race. I can’t expect any candidate to have the solution to that, but I do expect that our next President has the ability to strengthen our relationships around the world to increase security and peace, for all of us. Hillary is the only one that will be able to do that.

For better or worse, these are our options. This morning, both candidates said “This is War” and they’re right. People are dying and there is no longer any time to humor Donald Trump. I may not like everything Hillary stands for, but I will not watch our world continue to fall apart and trust Donald Trump to put the pieces back together with his broad platitudes and stump speech buzzwords.

Starting today, I stand with her.

12 thoughts on “We are Broken

  1. I hear ya, I really do. The canidates suck. But I will not vote her. The reason she speaks like she knows something or will do something is because she rehearses what she is given to speak about. Someone else tells her what to say. Whereas he stumbles and is lost for words because he, like us, don’t know exactly what to say when we’re broken hearted over situations like these. I mean, how do you make someone feel better? Making promises you can’t keep? She can’t keep this country safe. Heck she couldn’t even keep the embasador safe. In fact she called off the safety and left him for dead. Nope she will not have my vote.
    Just my 2 cents 😉

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  2. I arrived here via makingtimeforme….I’d like to say great post but it’s sad you are in a position to have to write it in the first place…ergo I will empathise with it. From a UK perspective I can only agree with broken…unity I believe in, blogging has shown me brilliant people from all over the globe, different creeds, race, religion and I’ve yet to meet a bad one. Unity….yes, this shows it working and we here….vote Brexit….why? I will never understand and several have asked me to blog about it, but it just fills me with sadness that in this day and age the world is getting more and more broken. See I’ve soap boxed in empathy!!

    Hope you don’t mind a new follower 🙃

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    1. Hi Gary! Thank you for reading. It has been a very strange few months, especially knowing our leadership will transition soon. The whole world seems to be on edge. Empathy, positivity, and unity sounds like a plan to me. 🙂

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      1. My pleasure…oh, hang about..no not pleasure..empathy…thats the one! We’ve been following the Trump campaign in disbelief and yet…I’m in disbelief at here too….imagine you get him and we have now got Boris Johnson as home secretary….the mind boggles at those too meeting!! I think the media has lost its sense of perspective too. They should be reporting facts and ignoring the rubbish..but they don’t so more politicians create more rubbish which goes out in print, radio and tv or video feeds…which empowered them to talk even more vireolic jibber jabber which goes out on….hmm…I may appear very anti politico here 😁

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