Saturday Share: MSNBC 20 in 20

The Corner Office (1)It was an early Saturday morning wake up this week, the felines woke me up at 5am and shortly after I went back to bed Justin got up to get ready to hit the road for his week on vacation. In the early morning hours, with both Justin and Bruno gone, I found myself torn between making a cup of coffee to start my day and going back to bed for a few more hours of sleep. I chose coffee.

Rarely am I impressed with Saturday TV options, but MSNBC surprised me this morning. The re-run of The Rachel Maddow show from last night was actually the network’s anniversary special: 20 Stories That Shook the World in 20 Years. I’ve been seeing commercials for it all week, but forgot to set my DVR, not a bad break for 6:30am on a Saturday morning.

tumblr_oabmvk3YAA1qc52lxo1_1280To celebrate 20 years of MSNBC, the special highlights 20 of the biggest stories that were covered by the network since they broke ground. They jam-packed the hour with stories, interviews, and footage from the last two decades. The fast-paced and concise way that they provided the details for these relatively recent events was incredibly interesting. I felt like I was getting the cliff notes of everything that has happened over the the last 20 years, something that gets lost in the age of the media where a simple explanation is never the first approach.

The collection of stories ranged from Napster and the launch of Google to Black Lives Matter, Hurricane Katrina, Columbine, and Princess Diana. They made connections between Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings and it’s impact on this election. The appeal of DOMA and Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth. If you’re at all a politic, media, social nerd, I recommend taking the hour and checking it out!


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