Chaos in the RNC

The Corner office (2)Beware, I’m writing on the fly this morning as I watch Morning Joe’s review of the opening night of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. I have never seen any coverage for a convention before, unless you count President Bartlet or President Santos in The West Wing, but let’s assume you don’t.

I did not watch more than five minutes of the convention last night, I came in about an hour into it and quite frankly, I didn’t have much interest because I don’t understand the concept or  procedures. I knew it would be the entire focus for my pals on Morning Joe so I waited to get the commentary. What I’m gathering is the Convention was a shit show.

Coverage so far this morning includes interviews with people that were threatened with death for not supporting Trump, hypocritical statements in response to the biggest offense of all: Melania Trump’s speech that included a section that is almost verbatim of a speech that Michelle Obama made in 2008. Watching the video comparing the two speeches, I literally sat, stunned, with my mouth hanging open. It seems, Trump’s philosophy of not using speech writers or political advisors on his team is catching up to him. Today, no one is talking about his words, they are talking about hers (well, Michelle’s) and it’s not good.

Regardless of my feelings for either candidate, especially considering I wrote, just a couple of days ago about who I will be supporting, come November, the lack of political professionalism in this convention is staggering. I can’t imagine this is helping the legitimacy of his candidacy with the GOP. Everyone, Republicans and Democrats alike, seem to be appalled by how this happened and that the response they received was that the observers and critics are “absurd”. Yikes.

The larger issue for this campaign, in my amateur opinion, is that Donald Trump continues to insist that he does not have to follow the norms of a presidential campaign. He states that his best advisor is himself, that he doesn’t need speech writers – or speeches for that matter, or traditional campaign structure. His continual dependence on his own skills has started to stall his progress. He got far by speaking directly to the people of our nation, but is now ignoring the other political operatives that he needs to push forward. The same people he will NEED in the event that he becomes President. He cannot lead alone. No one can.

There are three more days of the GOP COnvention, if this was the kick off, I can’t imagine how this will end.


4 thoughts on “Chaos in the RNC

  1. In the New Hampshire presidential primary, Donald rarely spoke directly to the people. He spoke at them, from a distance. Everything was staged, nothing was candid. But those were much smaller venues. There’s no way he can keep control of something this big, and it’s showing.

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    1. That’s good insight! Thanks for sharing, I agree that he won’t be able to contain this for long. Minutes after I published this today they were reporting Melania’s issues with the speech and the campaign itself. It will be an interesting few days for sure.

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