How Scheduling Your Blog Posts Can Be Your Secret Weapon

The cornerI have been blogging, consistently and purposefully, for a little over a year. Obviously, I’m an expert.On May 25th, 2016 I wrote My First Thirty Years and over the course of the next few months I slowly built up momentum in writing. On January 4th I woke up and wrote Ninety Days, the jump start to blogging purposefully, intentionally, and consistently. Since then, I have built and rebuilt my process for planning, writing, scheduling, promoting, engaging, and connecting. I’m not sure that I’ll ever be in the perfect groove, but I’ve made progress and started to find some flow.

My secret weapon? Scheduling posts ahead of time!

I am a “write when I get the motivation and inspiration” type of person I also have a difficult time with delayed gratification. I blame social media and my generation. We just can’t wait for anything. When I write, I do it quickly, I make sure I have original art to include and I want to post right that second. I want immediate feedback. That is an exhausting way to blog. I ended up feeling guilty on the days that I didn’t write or post, had an ever growing list of topics I wanted to cover, and an even longer list of blog housekeeping tasks I wanted to start checking off. BAH!

About 60% of the blogs that I follow have a posting schedule. I love it and I hate it. I love the organization and consistency that it brings, but I have always hated that I thought it would pigeon hole me into only 3-5 topics and posts. I tried to find the middle ground with creating “series” on the blog: EJFP Chapters, The New Normal, Saturday Share, High Five for Friday, and Throwback Thursday. For the most part, I could post them whenever I wanted, they are just categories on steroids. But the structure they created gave me the motivation to write ahead of time, posting four days in advance for the first time last week. 

Those four days gave me a window. A window to build momentum in my writing. If I keep writing consistently, 3-4 days a week and schedule them to post a few days later, I’ll push through the next writing block that I come across. Never mind the fact that it’s super fun to watch them post while you’re going about your life. With a little encouragement from my blogger friend Niki, I found a process that works for me. Writing on a daily basis has never been so easy!

So, in my expert opinion: find a process that works for you, that allows you to post in advance. It doesn’t have to stop you from writing (and posting) on the fly – that’s part of the fun of blogging, but it can help you feel not so…crazy.

For more inspiration and blogging tutorials, check out Niki’s Blogging Tips posts!

14 thoughts on “How Scheduling Your Blog Posts Can Be Your Secret Weapon

  1. Very astute and true. I do the same thing. At some point last year I decided to start making my posts serialized, giving each new post in that title/category an ascending number with each successive post. Since I tend to be an ‘all over the place’ type of writer, it’s helped me organize my output, making the process more streamlined (at least in my mind, which is most important LOL).

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    1. Thank you! I am also all over the place. I originally thought that’s what made my blog interesting…its just what made me frustrated, LOL. Oddly, I tend to over organize the rest of my life. It took some time to translate I guess. Thanks for stopping by!

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