High Five for Friday: TGIF!


This week can not be described by any word other than exhausting. For whatever reason, I never recovered from my crazy weekend in enough time to not let a week of work, treatment, and dental work cause even more exhaustion. Twice this week, my initial reaction after walking into the door, was to walk straight into the bedroom and plop face first onto the bed, shoes still on. I am SO ready for vacation! But that’s enough of my complaining because, IT’S FRIDAY and I’ll be ending my day with jumping in the car to head up north for an early start to our vacation!

  1. Sunday was the first day in a week that I saw Justin and Bruno. I was so happy to have my family home when I pulled in the driveway after Girls Weekend. At the time, we had spent only one of the previous three weeks together. As much as I like my time on my own, I missed having Justin home. He’s a pretty good dude to have around.
  2. I had an incredibly long to-do list at work this week and I managed to find a quiet, empty office at the front of the building to hide in to promote getting everything done. I chugged through budgets, grant proposals, mid-year reviews, training prep, all in addition to the normal day-to-day work. Once I realized that I needed a sweater in the room, and came prepared, there was no stopping me!
  3. It was Justin’s treatment week, while we were both super grumpy and the clinic was running two hours behind for the day, it was a good day once we finally got to the research center. We have really connected with the team that work in the research center, they are always positive, they are quick, attentive, and willing to joke around with Justin. He had his favorite nurse, Bryant, to carry on sports conversations with, we ate our lunches from the deli around the corner from the infusion room, and I managed to get some work done from my chair. It was an incredibly long day of mostly waiting, but it was a good day. We even ran into one of our old treatment buddies who was coming in for her three month check-up.
  4. So. Dental work will never be the highlight of any day, week, month, or year. HOWEVER, my experience at the dentist this week was very pleasant, considering that I was getting my mouth drilled with power tools. I had a cracked filling that had to be re-drilled and filled, more cavity was found underneath the filling so it had to be drilled further. Outside of my wisdom teeth removal, this was the most intense dental work I’ve had. The doctor was comforting, quick, and very attentive. She gave me a pain hand signal, that I didn’t need to use, and asked me every few minutes if I was doing alright. She gave my jaw a break when I asked, and was doing all of this while training a new Dental Assistant, who kept getting my lip stuck in the sucker. I was in some pain and discomfort when I got home, but otherwise it was as good of an experience as it could have been.
  5. I am a nerd, I think we’ve established that. However, I have a few interviews scheduled today with my pal Heather and I’m pretty excited to meet some people. I love interviewing, especially when it’s not my decision who to hire 🙂


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