July Turns to August

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of summer. August is the month where we are soaking up the last bit of the warm weather, vacation time, and everyone’s summertime good mood. Soon people will be preparing for another school year, fall, and a more consistent routine. 

July was an interesting month in my neck of the woods. It seemed that most of our time was spent either out of town or preparing to go out of town. Justin spent a week in Texas, a week in the Upper Peninsula with his family, and now a second week in the Upper Peninsula with my parents. In addition to this week’s vacation, I spent 2 days in Grand Rapids and 4 days on the lake for Girls Weekend. In some respects July flew by incredibly quickly. In others, it seemed to go on forever. 

I have to admit, I was pretty impressed with how July turned out for The Corner Office. I spent some serious time planning and writing. I was able to set up a more consistent process for how to schedule posts ahead of time, leaving me ample time to write when the mood strikes. This was my second most productive month since February, which was my most productive month ever in my four years blogging. 

The Corner Office had 551 views, just 49 short of my goal. I posted 18 times, the most viewed being We are Broken, a post I wrote in the moment after the attack in Nice.  34 bloggers followed my site in July, taking my total up to 99 WordPress bloggers that are following The Corner Office. I am anxiously awaiting the next one. The reach of this blog is slowly growing, which is incredibly exciting. I’m really enjoying the process and have been so grateful for the community of engaged people here in this little internet world. 

I am out in the wilderness this week with a total of 1x service on my iPhone…I  don’t even know what 1x means so the chances of me being active this week are slim. Know that I’m reading when I can, commenting when I am able to read, and responding to comments as quickly as I can. 

Have an amazing week! 

Update: This happened today 🙂

3 thoughts on “July Turns to August

  1. I imagine by the time you read this, you’ve gained the additional follower and probably a few more. It starts off slow, but then the momentum builds – pretty soon you’ll hit the next milestone, and then the one after that. It’s always so exciting when the current goal is reached, but so frustrating waiting to get there.

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