One Small Step for Blogger Kind

While on vacation I spent a lot of time thinking about what I see this blog evolving into. It was the first time that I actually saw it becoming something bigger than just me randomly writing about my life. I, by no means, think that I will become this famous blogger but as my readership grows and I’m seeing new countries added to my reader list I am realizing the actual reach of this community and know it will only increase as I continue to write and plan. So, after a lot of thinking, planning, and pro-con list making, I decided to start creating a social media presence for The Corner Office outside of my personal profiles. Starting with Facebook.

moving!This is the first post in over four years that I will not be publicizing on my personal Facebook page. There is now  The Corner Office Facebook page for people to keep up with my posts and my adventures in this community. I’m excited and terrified all at the same time.

If you’re so inclined, go ahead and check it out. I’m still in the process of developing the page so hang in there while I figure it out.


I have also created an e-mail address specifically for this blog: feel free to contact me using that address!

I’m looking forward to taking this on full force and seeing where it leads me. It could be a huge disaster, but at least I gave it a shot!

Here goes nothing!

6 thoughts on “One Small Step for Blogger Kind

      1. I am two days behind!! So sorry, I got wrapped up and completely forgot. HOWEVER, here is the link. If you go to SHARING on the MY SITE page, it will open all of the social media platforms you can link with. I’m not able to link a screenshot in a comment but hopefully that helps!


  1. Be sure to link your blog FB page to your personal one so that your posts hit both, and then be sure to “share” the posts when they hit your personal FB page. That way, everyone you know can enjoy them even if they’re not following on WordPress. I don’t get a lot of readership on FB, Twitter or LinkedIn, but there are some who don’t read on any other format. The email is a must, too – so glad you set up a separate one for the blog. Some readers are uncomfortable leaving comments on the blog but will do so by email. And, of course, it makes it so much easier for the spammers! Hope your readership grows by leaps and bounds.

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    1. Thank you! I’m trying to get away from inundating my personal FB with blog posts now that I’m posting almost daily but I’m hoping people will move over to the blog page 🙂


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