High Five for Friday: Re-Entry

HIGh five for (1)It was our week of re-entry to the real world. No more vacations, no more short work weeks, just us, back to living our lives. It was comforting and disappointing all at the same time. I was happy to be home after spending our week in the Upper Peninsula. I soaked up every last second of relaxation I could over the weekend in an effort to prepare for…well…reality. Overall, it was a good week. Here are my top five!


[ONE] Monday was our monthly dinner with my aunt. We had skipped July due to vacation schedules and it was amazing to see her again. My mom, sister, and I joined her for dinner at the Olive Garden. Not usually one of my favorites but my dinner was delicious. It’s like our little foursome goes into a bubble when we are together, everything surrounding us is a blur. It’s awesome.

[TWO] I have some amazing peers at work. I had several conversations and interactions that just made me so happy this week. There is always something to complain about at work, I think that’s universal, but having people that you care about and that reciprocate that makes the craziness less effective. Whether it was  lunch, text messages, office conversations, walking through a pumpkin patch, or quick interactions in the hallway I had some great moments with my friends this week.

[THREE] Justin’s Treatment day on Tuesday went as well as it possibly could. Our waiting was at a minimum, we got some extra time to joke around with his doctor, the nurses in the research center were in a good mood, and with the exception of difficulty starting an IV, everything was quick and (relatively) painless. I always walk out the door tired and in need of a nap, but I wasn’t completely exhausted as usual.

[FOUR] Tuesday was also my dad’s birthday. Not one for celebrations, we had no plans for dinner until late in the afternoon on Tuesday. We decided to stay in, barbecue, and just relax. My family came over to our house and we had a great time laying around after dinner watching the Olympics. Bruno was so happy to see my parents and sister. Puppy Heaven.

[FIVE] Finally, I launched The Corner Office Facebook page this week! I was nervous, unsure, felt silly, but excited all at the same time. So far I think it was a great move and I’m excited to see where it goes. Feel free to check it out: www.facebook.com/emilycorneroffice

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