Is the Pivot Enough?

The Corner office (2)To my surprise, my morning with my favorite pundits has so far been spent listening about yet another pivot in the Trump Presidential Campaign. Apparently, in the last 24 hour Donald Trump has hired two additional staff members, one of which is someone to travel with him across the country as Campaign Manager. Word on the street, his Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort, will remain in his position, however he will have a diminished role after the downward spiral that Trumps image has been on since becoming the Republican Nominee. All of this just days before his first ad buy hits television screens.

It’s happened before, Trump hires a new operative, sings their praises, gives a relatively decent speech, soaks up the praise from the media, and then he goes out and calls the President the founder of ISIS. It never fails, eventually, Trump goes back to who he is, trusting his intuition and ego to guide the direction of his campaign.

As an American citizen, eligible to vote in November, I have whiplash. Trying to keep up with this campaign season has been exhausting. My solution? I’ve offered to run several Presidential campaigns myself over the last few weeks – so far I’ve got offers out to my boss, a three year old, and the Chief Operations Officer of the organization I work for. I’ll let you know when we announce our campaign.

In the event that Trump doesn’t immediately pivot back to his usual mode of operation, is it enough? Is this shift to more structured speeches and messaging enough to erase all of the things he has said in the past? Does it make it okay? And if it is enough, then we are in trouble.

I have no idea what is in store for the rest of this campaign, I don’t think anyone knows. I highly doubt that we will merge into this traditional season in the next couple of months and will be looking back on election day thinking “Gee, that was all very silly, I’m so glad we finally got back to normal.” This is a circus and it will be a circus until the last votes are cast on November 7th, 2016.

The first Presidential Nominee Debate is scheduled for September, 26th. Knowing how Hillary dominates a debate stage, I am curious how Donald is preparing for this first showing against her. It will be a milestone for both campaigns, an opportunity to break apart from the other and gain some momentum. It’s a toss up as to which candidate will walk away from the stage gaining ground. Perhaps it will be my three-year old candidate that walks away with the votes that night. Stay tuned.

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