High Five for Friday

High five for

The last week has been pretty odd, I haven’t been myself and seemed to have spent the majority of my time feeling exhausted. My allergies have been active just enough to make me feel not-so-great throughout the day, causing sleep to be my favorite thing in the last five days. Regardless of my odd feeling week, there are always things to be excited about, grateful for, and to share for High Five for Friday!

[ONE] Possibly one of the reasons my week felt odd was that my calendar slowly became less full as I went about my business. I had four meetings cancelled this week. While it was definitely a cause of my frustration throughout the week (idle hands and whatnot), it was nice to have more time to work on what I wanted to spend time on. It’s the end of our fiscal year, so I’m about to hit my least favorite month of my year at work, extra time is always a blessing.

[TWO] I was able to spend two mornings in my office this week. I rarely actually get to spend my time at work in my own space, with meetings usually in our main administrative building, I am usually squatting in a vacant office or stealing the office of someone not in the building for the day. It was very nice to have the time to sit in my own corner of the world, to make my way through my to-do list. I wasn’t there long, but it was comforting just the same.

[THREE] Twice this week, I had friends that surprised me with treats! First, with some cheesy flatbread from a local deli that was absolutely delicious and later with some homemade chocolate chip cookies. I felt very spoiled and loved the treats that came my way (and the people that brought them).

[FOUR] Last night I spent a couple of hours with my Grandma after she had taken two trips to the ER in 24 hours. She is okay, but cannot bend or move very well. My task was just to come and feed her cat, but I ended up staying for two hours chatting with her vicodin-induced chatty self, and helped with some things around the apartment. It was nice to sit and chat with her, she was relaxed and seemed genuinely happy to just sit and talk. It was the highlight of my week.

[FIVE] Justin was very supportive this week for me. For whatever reason (I have a few), I was off, not feeling well for most of the week. The majority of the last five days seem like a blur now, a series of yawns, naps, frustration, and going to work. He let me sleep when I needed to sleep, he didn’t get frustrated when he had to figure out his own dinner, and he just let me get through it how I need to. I appreciate that he knows me well enough to know I just have to push through on my own and give in to my exhaustion so that I can climb out of it. I’m slowly coming out the other side and am looking forward to the weekend.

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