Just for Fun: 25 Things

Four years ago I wrote: Things You May Not Know About Me. A blog post, inspired by an US Magazine segment that I loved to read. Celebrities highlight a list of things that, generally, people did not know about them. I still remember having fun writing that post. Come to find out, my initial post got the details wrong, I listed 9 things and thought the segment was from People Magazine. Four years later a simple google search gave me the answers I needed. In an effort to buck up my spirits after a week that just seemed to drag me, kicking and screaming, we’re going to play this game again – just for funzies.

about me

We’ll be following the actual rules this time around, pretend this is US Magazine and that I am a famous celebrity you love to follow. Here are 25 Things About Me You May Not Know:

[ONE] My first car was an 89 Dodge Omni. It was a hand-me-down from my parents, my dad made me read the entire manual before I was allowed to leave the driveway, after which I had to show him that I knew how to change a tire. In exchange, however, he helped me paint glitter stars all over the ceiling and let me tape pictures of my friends all over the dash.

[TWO] I buy office supplies without any plan to use them. I love the different colors, patterns, uses, and the idea behind them but I have a hard time using them because I don’t want to waste them. Due to this, I have an endless supply of post-it notes and binder clips in my home office.

[THREE] I secretly love my freckles. I always have.

[FOUR] I got head lice as a preteen and it took over my life for an entire summer. We eventually narrowed down that I got it from the movie theater. I, now, can’t walk into a movie theater without feeling creeped out.

[FIVE] I’m embarrassed to admit just how many books I’ve purchased without opening or getting passed the first chapter of. I always have good intentions but lose interest incredibly quickly.

[SIX] I have a collection of stickers that I’ve been accumulating since I was in preschool. I just can’t bear to part with them.

[SEVEN] My mom and I had a booth at a craft mall when I was in college. We had so much fun developing products to sell and were pumped as we sold throughout the holiday season, but couldn’t keep it going after January. Sometimes we talk about taking a second stab at it.

[EIGHT] I can clearly remember the day when my feelings for Justin transitioned from friendship to something romantic. We didn’t start dating until two years later.

[NINE] I went on seven mission trips as a high school and college student. I’ve built houses for Habitat for Humanity, worked in a food bank, built a church foundation in Mexico, volunteered with Narcotics Anonymous, painted, cleaned, and done countless odd jobs that I can’t even remember.

[TEN] I was an elementary education major for two years in college. After going through a program orientation meeting where I was told about the certification process and student teaching I changed my major.

[ELEVEN] I have a subscription to TIME Magazine, Stanford Social Innovation Review, and Inc Magazine. I hoard issues, even if I have no interest in reading some of the content.

[TWELVE] I drink coffee purely for taste and caffeine. It in no way quenches my thirst, I have to have water nearby whenever I’m drinking that tasty concoction.

[THIRTEEN] I put way too much stock in my blog stats. I set goals, I do math on daily averages to see how I can meet my goals, and try to schedule posts to increase readership. I hate how that desire to see the numbers influences how I use this space. I’m trying to get back to writing for me, not for the numbers.

[FOURTEEN] At about thirteen years old, I transitioned from a regular ballet class to a pointe ballet class. I hated it. I loved dance and ballet was always my favorite, I was too clumsy for pointe and it really bothered me that I was no longer as solid of a dancer as I had been.

[FIFTEEN] Speaking of dance, I still dance in my head (and with my shoulders) when I hear a song that I had a routine to, oddly enough, the routines I developed myself are the ones I remember the least of.

[SIXTEEN] I don’t find most babies cute. Most of the time they look like a combination of an old man and a potato. Baby man-tato.

[SEVENTEEN]  As a kid my favorite movies were: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, and Follow That Bird.

[EIGHTEEN] Years ago, my mom used to have decorative plates hanging on the walls of her bedroom. I used to wake her up on Saturday mornings by telling her the stories from the plates that I made up on the fly.

[NINETEEN] I get incredibly excited whenever a celebrity that I have tweeted or mentioned in a tweet likes my post. Like, nerdy, overly, embarrassingly, excited.

[TWENTY] I am incredibly nostalgic. I like to visit places that hold a memory or remind me of my life. The renovation of my high school was slightly disappointing, as it now looks completely different from the outside.

[TWENTY-ONE] When I was around ten years old, I fell in love with the Super Slicer infomercial. I would watch it over and over, mesmerized by the ingenuousness of the product. Eventually, my dad got so sick of listening that he bought me one. I never once used it. For years it sat in the back of the kitchen cupboard. For my bridal shower, he wrapped it up and sent it with my mother. I opened it in front of 75 women who were incredibly confused.

[TWENTY-TWO] Buying Christmas presents is one of my favorite things. I wish I had an endless supply of funds to buy thoughtful gifts for everyone in my life. I hate generic, random gifts, so I take a lot of time picking out specific items for people and I definitely notice when someone has taken the time selecting a gift for me as well.

[TWENTY-THREE] If you’ve made it this far, you are a champ. Or incredibly bored. I applaud you.

[TWENTY-FOUR] I have endless nicknames for my animals. Gusser Goo-Face, Allie Bear, BrunoPup, Bubbas, Peanut, Princess, Fatty, Handsome…

[TWENTY-FIVE] I have always believed that if you made it this far on this post that you should share 25 things about yourself. Do it!

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