Throwback Thursday: My People

img_0995-1Typically, Thursdays are for throwing it back to something that was posted on the blog, I’ve taken us back to some of my very early posts from four years ago, I’ve kept us in the same month a couple of times, but today I was at a loss. Today, a blog post came up in my Timehop, it was three years ago today that I posted 20 Questions: Sisterly Love. I had thought that I would do a series on the blog where I asked the people in my life the same 20 questions, this was the only piece in the series.

When scrolling through my posts to take me back three years to find 20 Questions, I passed My People. I stopped and smiled. Through a rough couple of weeks those same two people have been the individuals I have turned to in an effort to remain grounded in positivity. They continue to be a pillar of support in my daily life.

It occurred to me yesterday that I cannot remember my first interactions with either of “my people”. I don’t remember how they went from people at work to people that I recognized as someone I could talk to and have a relationship with, but I can’t imagine my life without them. Either of them.

To keep my gratitude for them alive, I’m throwing it back to June for Throwback Thursday today with My People. I may even resurrect The Kindness Challenge to keep me rooted in my gratitude and kindness during this time when I seem to be rooted in frustration and exhaustion.

Here’s to my people – they are simply the best!

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