And Suddenly, It’s September


What a month! August seems to have lasted so much longer than just thirty-one days. It feels as though my week spend up north with my family was so long ago, so much longer than four weeks. I’m ready for September, ready for the cooler weather, the start of fall, and to push through the next phase in our lives. Justin’s bone marrow transplant is looming close in the distance and we’re ready to hit it head on.

As I sit here reflecting on the last four weeks, I feel pretty proud of what was accomplished for The Corner Office in the month of August. With a week spent on vacation, and a slowdown of momentum in the last week, I wrote 23 posts – my most active month, ever!

There were 255 people that stopped by throughout the month, reading 584 times, and 138 instances that someone read enough to click the little star indicating they liked a post. The Corner Office reached 19 countries in August! People from Canada, Malaysia, The UK, Ghana, Singapore, Italy, South Africa, Pakistan, Germany, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam all read something from TCO in August!

The most read post for the month was The New Normal: Five Years Later, where I relived the story of Justin’s original diagnosis, for the first time I was able to put words to the emotions of that day. Happy Birthday, Dad!, Just for Fun: 25 Things, and A Tuesday Pep Talk all came in close behind.

When trying to decide which post was my favorite from the month, I couldn’t pick one! There were some that I was proud of, but also some that may not have showcased my best writing, while really hitting home for me in terms of the message coming across. I participated in the 3 quote challenge with: Saturday Share: Quotes in TV, Saturday Share: Lyrics, and Saturday Share: Unfocused. In an attempt to use my work as an inspiration, I continued the Leadership Lessons category with: 5 Team Building Activities You Can Implement Today!

I may not always be consistent in the space, or as intelligent and insightful as I should be, but I am grateful for this space. I have this tiny corner of the internet to use as my own and I am just so thankful that other people chose to read as well. Here’s to whatever September has to bring!

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